September 2012 Monthly Expenses

Last month was not one of my better months for savings as I recorded a year low savings ratio of only 42%. I kept that data point in mind heading into September. Now that the month has closed and all my credit cards have been paid for, it’s time to see how I did in September.

September was a great month for savings. I cut down on spending, and did not indulge in any new hi-tech purchases 🙂 By doing so, I was able to save 64% of my net income. After subtracting 401k contributions and the re-invested dividend payouts, I had $3000 remaining to invest. I used this tidy sum and took advantage of some of the discounts that Mr. Market presented to us. Although the market as a whole was still pricey, I scored bargains on: EXC, NSC, CSX, and INTC.

Coincidentally, each one of these holdings also pay out on the same month. By securing these purchases after their respective ex-dividend dates, I was not able to to make the cutoff to receive payment for September. As such, I will have to patiently wait until December before I can reap the benefits. I am expecting quite an increase in payout during that time, so that will be my Christmas present to myself.

In other news, the rental property has also been making good progress. I haven’t posted any news in awhile, which is definitely a good thing – it means things are going smoothly! *Knock on wood* I have set up the mortgage payments to auto-bill and I now receive rental income via direct deposit. It makes the whole process so much simpler! I haven’t yet had to pay for any property taxes, so for the time being, I am netting $800/month in rental income. Although I have to make sure to stash some of this away for taxes, emergencies, etc., I do now have an additional source of income at my disposal to use to generate more investment income.

Lastly, September was my best month for dividend payments year-to-date. I generated over $200 in a month for the first time. By year’s end, I expect to also reach my first $300 month payout. Good stuff.

Here are the dividend payouts:

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JC @ PassiveIncomePursuit

Great job on bouncing back after a slow month. $200 in dividends for the month is awesome. I think I might be able to hit that come the December payouts. I’m hoping to be able to get a rental property in a few years to help diversify the income streams more. Congrats on a great month!

Dividend Mantra
7 years ago

FI, Wow! Awesome job man. Monster savings rate. 65% is an awesome rate, and one I was shooting for on an annual basis, but will fall woefully short this year unfortunately. That rental property is already paying you huge dividends. I’ve often thought about something like that, maybe owning a duplex and living on one side. That might be a great way to go. But, then again I really like renting and not having any real estate concerns. It seems like I might be leaving money on the table there. Great job! Seadrill paid you huge this month. I’ve never… Read more »

Compounding Income
7 years ago

That rental property is going to be a gold mine! Holy crap! Get a couple of those lined up, keep building the portfolio and you’ll be set.

Note to self: get out of the military and become a real estate tycoon like FIF 🙂