Gold and Silver – The Depths of Despair? Not Quite Yet (September 4, 2018)

We’re back from the long holiday weekend and it’s time to beat up on gold and silver again, says the market.

Oh boy, things are getting UGLY in a hurry in the precious metals complex…

The gold-to-silver ratio is above 80 and climbing rapidly… still.

In addition, here are some horror stories for you in the world of mining stocks, so far this year.

Lots and lots of RED!

Now is definitely the time to start paying attention to this sector, but by no means do I think the worst is behind us…

Unfortunately for goldbugs/silverbugs, there could be more pain in store…

I don’t have a crystal ball, but if we’re talking about outright “annihilation” and “total destruction” of a sector, the current state of affairs just doesn’t feel that way to me… yet.


Sure, things are absolutely terrible right now, but do the mining stocks feel like they’re operating at the Depths of Despair?


Until I start seeing some mines shutting down, NEGATIVE enterprise valuations (companies trading for less than cash in the bank), I don’t think we’re quite there yet…


But seriously, who would have thought possible that in 2018, the price of silver would be trading at ~$14/oz?!?


What a crazy, crazy world we live in…

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2 years ago

A $13 handle on silver coming up?? Yum yum…looks tempting 🙂