Puerto Rico – Fun in the Sun (June 18-20, 2017)

I’m back in the Bay Area! Well, at least for the next few weeks or so before I hit the road yet again. It’s a little too early to say, but right now I’m making tentative plans to go visit Phuket in Thailand… And I know Chiang Mai is a very popular destination for digital nomads and the early FI crowd, so who knows, perhaps I’ll stopby there as well…

As for Hong Kong?

I still miss my “second home” (and all the friends I made out there) dearly and am eager to return.

Anyway, here are the rest of the pics from my most recent trip to San Juan, Puerto Rico.


June 18

Despacito… The current theme song of the Caribbean Islands.

When I first arrived, I expected to hear this on the radio… well, maybe just a few times… but man, I did not expect this song to be blasting 24/7 everywhere I went!

The day got started with the classic song playing on TV, during breakfast.

Then we were off to Condado Beach!

First stop, Playita Del Condado.

Gorgeous day and a nice spot to chill. This part of the beach is less wavy and the water was plenty warm. Nice view of all the tourist hotels/resorts as well.

Quick panoramic I took at the end, near the rocks.

After a few hours of chilling out in the water, it was off to lunch at Ropa Vieja Grill.

Yummy goodness with a side of rice and super sweet plantains.

More yummy goodness and some more rice and plantains.

Look we found bubble tea in San Juan!

It wasn’t all that good, but the sign made my little cousin giddy so we had to try it… Oh well, can’t win em all.

Ok, follow the steps to the main beach.

Condado Beach!

Walking around town and passing by the shops.

It’s a looooong stretch of beach from Condado to Ocean Park (where this pic was taken).

Early FI… Whatcha contemplating about there, Bradduh Hutt?

El Mercado food court for dinner.

$16 USD for a bowl of pho? Are you kidding me? What the pho, indeed!

For those who are wondering, San Juan is NOT cheap at all! Prices here (especially at the touristy spots are just as expensive as the Bay Area, or even more so). And there’s 10% tax! Ouch!

We tried our luck elsewhere… The verdict? Too oily and even more salty… A bad mix masked as “flavor enhancer”. Sorry cousin!

This wasn’t all that much better…

My order of spaghetti and meatballs was a little better…

El Mercado has a ton of food/drink options… but what really makes for a good time is the large crowds it draws in.

Did I mention they play Despacito a lot in Puerto Rico?!?

How does the song go again?

“This is how we do it down in Puerto Rico!”

Don’t worry, I assure you this was not the last time I heard Despacito in the background during my trip out to the Caribbeans… There was a lot more rocking out to this tune in the Dominican Republic… and yes, even more of it back home in the Continental US when I arrived in Houston and Austin (the Justin Bieber remix version) after the DR.

June 19

Alright, so we screwed up the night before trying to order “Italian” pasta and “Chinese” noodles… Here we were up bright and early the next morning looking for redemption.

We arrived at Los Chamos Arepas for some Venezuelan food.

We have a winner! These arepas were amazing!

Yours truly trying to act like he knows what he’s doing on a jet ski…

It was dumping massive rain shortly after we took off… which made everything all the more chaotic… and fun!

After drying off and taking a break, it was off to dinner.

Our last night in Puerto Rico, so someone (I forget who) wanted to splurge a bit… sigh…

BBQ… I was “prepping” myself, knowing that I would be making a trip out to Austin, TX (BBQ capital of America) just a few days later…

More food.

June 20

Last few hours in Puerto Rico before getting ready to hop onboard a plane to the Dominican Republic!

Rooftop bar for some light lunch.

It ended up being a lot of food… They were quite generous with the portion sizes.

That’s all folks!


Next up, Punta Cana!


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Love to read! Take care!

3 years ago

Great Stuff. cant wait for my trip to PR next month. Thanks for the pics!

3 years ago

Looks like a lot of fun in PR. Too bad the prices were not a bargain but the beaches and food still looked fun and good. Enjoy PC next. Some amazing beaches and sea life there.

3 years ago

im off to Phuket for a month, i leave next wk.. all this downward movement in gold is telling me i need to stop looking at charts & get centered again.
have you looked into buying crypto yet jay?

i purchased some LIT coin last week & im up over 30%.. seems a little hot but ETH is set for $1000 a coin by year end…apparently.
let me know if you like to catch up if your in the area in phuket town.. Joel:)