Puerto Rico – Fun in the Sun (June 14-15, 2017)

Since returning stateside from Hong Kong, I’ve had a lot of fun getting reacclimated with the Bay Area. Unfortunately, when it comes to beaches, NorCal just ain’t the place to be! Sorry everyone, but as cool a place as Santa Cruz is… yeah, it’s just way too cold for me!

So, off to Puerto Rico I went…

And here’s a recap (in pics) of the first two days.


The apartment balcony view.

Afternoon lunch at Playa Papaya, near the apartment.

Breakfast turkey sausage sliders.

Fresh juice.

Walking to dinner at the InterContinental Hotel. They had some nice rides displayed out front…

Appetizer salad.

Poke is all the rage these days…

Bright and early the next morning… Took the bus to Old San Juan.

The streets of Old San Juan.

Lunch at El Jibarito.

Chicken and rice.

More chicken and rice.

Old San Juan Square.

Main tourist attraction. 16th century Castillo San Felipe del Moro citadel.

Making our way to there.

Inside view.

Ocean view.

Walking the perimeter trail.

Kitty Island, I swear…

About 1 mile to the red gate (main) entrance.

Off to get some pina coladas at Barrachina!

Check this out!

There it is!

Punto De Vista Rooftop Restaurant dinner!

If you say so… then I will have to try some!

Better than the place we had the first night.

More food.

Rooftop view… It was too dark when I took this, oh well.


And that’s how I spent my first two days in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


More pics to follow soon.


Fight On!

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Midwestern Landlord
Midwestern Landlord
3 years ago

Awesome. Thanks for all of the pics. It looks like early retirement agrees with you. It beats being at the office all day.

3 years ago

Great stuff!! Looks like fun!

Delivery boy
Delivery boy
3 years ago

Wonderful pictures and have a blast on your trip! I would be interested if you feel any of the pressure the island is under with debt issues, losing residents, etc. Do you feel like there may be investment opportunities?