Lufthansa First Class Terminal (Frankfurt)

LH 747-8i (17 of 17)

There are many luxurious lounges in the world, but only Lufthansa offers an entire terminal for it’s 1st Class passengers!

The First Class Terminal is an entirely separate building devoted to only the most elite Lufthansa passengers. And attaining access requires strict qualifications, because even passengers arriving on Lufthansa 1st Class aren’t allowed entrance.

So how do you qualify for entrance? Well, for most travel hackers, the simplest way is to have a 1st Class ticket on a Lufthansa flight departing the same day.

Now start saving up those miles, and be prepared to enter a whole new dimension in luxury!

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How to Find the First Class Terminal?

The First Class Terminal is located in Frankfurt airport, Germany. My flight from Rome arrived late the previous night, so I spent the night at the Sheraton airport hotel. Coincidentally, I met a fellow blogger on the flight from Rome, and he was also planning to visit the First Class Terminal in the morning! Therefore, since neither of us had ever visited the First Class Terminal, we decided to go together.

In the morning, we navigated our way through the main terminal, and finally to the First Class check-in.

LH Terminal (1 of 39)

After checking in, we took the escalator down to the street level, and exited to the right. Once outside, we turned left, and walked passed the taxi’s on the right. From here, it’s less than a 10 minute walk to the terminal.

LH Terminal (2 of 39)

After walking straight for a bit, we arrived at this parking sign.

LH Terminal (3 of 39)

Continuing straight for a few meters lead us to the first pedestrian crosswalk.

LH Terminal (4 of 39)

Next, we crossed the second pedestrian crosswalk, and keep going straight.

LH Terminal (5 of 39)

Shortly after, we passed the restrooms to our right.

LH Terminal (6 of 39)

And after a few more meters, we passed the Airport Snack Point on our right.

LH Terminal (7 of 39)

And at last, we found it, the coveted First Class Terminal was in sight!

LH Terminal (8 of 39)

Next, we carefully crossed the street and reached the terminal.

LH Terminal (9 of 39)

At this point, we started taking a lot of goofy pictures outside the terminal, because we knew that once we entered through the double doors, an entirely new world would be waiting for us.

LH Terminal (2 of 23)

The Lounge:

After entering the building, we made a left, and took the elevator up one floor. At the top floor, a personal assistant was assigned to us, and escorted us through security.

That’s correct, the 1st Class Terminal has it’s own private security check point! And more importantly, I didn’t have to take off my shoes, belt, or go through a nude-o scan. This was probably the most pleasant airport security experience ever! Everyone was nice with a warm smile, and there was never a need to rush. It literally took me 30 seconds to pass through security, and then it was time to enter the lounge.

And upon entering the lounge, I was greeted by this marvelous sight. The main bar!

LH Terminal (10 of 39)

The lounge itself is quite spacious, and since there aren’t many passengers with access, it feels very private.

LH Terminal (23 of 39)

Throughout my stay, the lounge was never really busy, and it was really easy to find a quiet place to sit and relax.

LH Terminal (17 of 39)

I eventually got bored with the sofas, and decided to lounge in these inviting chairs.

LH Terminal (6 of 23)

And then I moved to the massage chairs to take in all the awesomeness!

LH Terminal (1 of 1)

There were office cubicles for those who needed a private place to work, but I was here for fun, so I completely ignored them!

LH Terminal (7 of 23)

At the main entrance, there was a glass case displaying all the different Lufthansa rubber ducks in existence.

LH Terminal (8 of 23)

Lufthansa gives out difference rubber ducks depending on the season, and some people make it a hobby to collect them all!

LH Terminal (9 of 23)

Next, inside the restaurant, there was a wall which featured Cola from different parts of the world.

LH Terminal (29 of 39)

And look what I found, Inca Kola! Wow, the last time I had this bubblegum tasting Cola was in Peru many moons ago.

LH Terminal (30 of 39)

Finally, here is the main hallway which connects the lounge to the bathroom and shower rooms.

LH Terminal (15 of 23)

And even the bathrooms were spiffy! There was an automatic shoe shiner inside, but I decided not to use it on my $5 sandals.

LH Terminal (19 of 39)

The Shower Rooms:

The lounge offers four shower rooms, and two of them have bathtubs. Unfortunately, those rooms were under renovation during my visit so I didn’t have a chance to use them. Looks like I have the perfect excuse to come back!

LH Terminal (11 of 23)

The rooms with bathtubs were on the left, and the regular shower rooms were to the right.

LH Terminal (14 of 23)

The shower rooms were very clean and modern looking. I was a bit envious because I can’t even keep my own bathroom this clean.

LH Terminal (12 of 23)

There was plenty of room to change and spread out.

LH Terminal (13 of 23)

In the shower, you can use either the manual shower head, or the more popular, rainforest shower head. So if you want to be extra squeaky clean, from head to toe, then choose the rainforest show head! Just be prepared to come out feeling like you’ve gone through a car wash!

LH Terminal (17 of 23)

All the amenities were from ETAD, so I knew it was good stuff.

LH Terminal (16 of 23)

The Bar:

According to the bartender, the bar is stocked with over 70 different kinds of whisky!

LH Terminal (31 of 39)

Regrettably, I’m not a big whisky guy, but I went with the most expensive stuff I know, Johnny Walker Blue! Oh, so smooooooth.

LH Terminal (20 of 23)

But with so many different choices, it becomes insanely difficult to sample everything. So naturally, I turned to the bartender for his recommendation, and he presented me with this single malt whisky, Talisker.

It was OK, but I preferred the JW Blue.

LH Terminal (21 of 23)

Everything in the bar is unlimited and free, which technically means you could consume your weight in alcohol!

LH Terminal (26 of 39)

The Cigar Lounge:

Of course no high end lounge could be complete without a Cigar Lounge, right!???

LH Terminal (10 of 23)

Inside the Cigar Lounge is another bar which features pretty much anything you could ever ask for. You could honestly spend hours trying to pair the right liquor with the right Cigar in here.

LH Terminal (20 of 39)

The Cigar case featured mostly Cigars from Villiger.

LH Terminal (18 of 23)

It’s a shame that I don’t smoke, otherwise I would have been all over this like a mob boss.

LH Terminal (21 of 39)

Anybody know if these are high quality Cigars?

LH Terminal (22 of 39)

The Mozzarella Bar:

After spending a week in Italy, I had a ton of good cheese, and to find a Mozzarella Bar in the lounge, was just icing on the cake.

LH Terminal (19 of 23)

Along with five different types of Mozzarella’s, there were plenty of garnishes to choose from.

LH Terminal (24 of 39)

And different types of cold cuts were available to pair with the Mozzarella.

LH Terminal (22 of 23)

The lounge even had a prosciutto slicer! How cool is this!?? You could slice away and have fresh prosciutto whenever you wanted.

LH Terminal (38 of 39)

I can’t express in words how good the mozzarella and prosciutto was, but it sure did make my heart melt. I always knew the way to my heart was through my stomach!

LH Terminal (27 of 39)

The Dining Room:

Now onto the best part of the lounge, the dining experience!

Inside the lounge, there is a dining area which features both a buffet and an a la carte menu. The dining area itself feels like a 4-5 Star restaurant, and the food quality was seriously off the charts good.

Since we arrived early at 9am, breakfast was still being served.

LH Terminal (28 of 39)

Almost all the passengers were in suits, and in their eyes, I must have looked like the poorest college student alive LOL!

LH Terminal (16 of 39)

The breakfast buffet had the usual spread of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausages, and beans.

LH Terminal (11 of 39)

There was an omelet station, along with waffles, and lots of other pastries to enjoy.

LH Terminal (12 of 39)

Here was the spread of the cold cuts and cheese.

LH Terminal (13 of 39)

And all the bread and croissants you could possibly consume.

LH Terminal (3 of 23)

The buffet also had a large selection of smoothies.

LH Terminal (4 of 23)

And all the cereal in the world at your disposal.

LH Terminal (14 of 39)

Or how about some candy to go with breakfast?

LH Terminal (15 of 39)

Although the buffet looked inviting, I decided to try something off the a la carte menu instead. I enjoy my food fresh and hot, so I figured this would be the right choice. And after looking at the menu, I decided on the omelet with spinach, ham, potatoes, and truffles!

The omelet didn’t disappoint and was lip smacking good!

LH Terminal (5 of 23)

Luckily for me, my flight wasn’t until 1pm, and lunch service starts at 11am! Therefore, on the same visit, I got to sample both breakfast and lunch =)

LH Terminal (32 of 39)

LH Terminal (33 of 39)

LH Terminal (34 of 39)

Again, I didn’t go for the buffet, but instead went for the lunch specials. I ended up ordering the Carpaccio and the Uruguay Beef.

LH Terminal (23 of 23)

The Carpaccio came out beautifully presented, and had an intoxicating aroma.

LH Terminal (35 of 39)

And after one bite, my taste buds exploded with deliciousness! I don’t understand why, but the food in Europe is leaps and bounds better than the food in the States. I’ve never had Carpaccio that tasted this good before, and the Porcini mushrooms were simply to die for!

LH Terminal (36 of 39)

The Uruguay beef was pretty tasty, but it didn’t blow me away like the Carpaccio. Fortunately for me, the portion wasn’t huge, and so I was able to get another serving of the Carpaccio! Who says you can’t have Carpaccio as both an appetizer and dessert???

LH Terminal (37 of 39)

The Ride:

Sadly, after 4 hours of being pampered in the 1st Class Terminal, it was time to leave =*(

My personal assistant came to me when it was time for boarding, and escorted me to the elevators which brought me down to the street level. Having a personal assistant was so enjoyable, as I never had to keep an eye on the clock, since she was responsible for making sure I didn’t miss my flight! It truly takes out any stress involved in flying, and let’s you completely relax in complete luxury.

Overall, the lounge experience definitely made me feel special! The food was simply amazing, the bar was fully stocked, the entire staff took pride in their job with a smile, and I had my own personal assistant watching over me! I would definitely fly Lufthansa again in a heart beat.

Oh, do you remember when I said the 1st Class Terminal was completely separate from the main terminal? Well, since the distance is so far, and because they treat you like royalty, then the only logical method to getting you to the plane, is by car! And for me, more specifically, a Porsche Cayenne SUV =)

That’s correct, the 1st Class experience doesn’t end once it’s time to board. But instead, you get your own personal driver, who will drive you on the tarmac to the plane, in a Porsche! And once parked near the plane, the driver will personally escort you to the elevator, and take you to the the plane door before saying “Goodbye”!

It’s really an out of the world experience, and makes you feel like a legit VIP!

Lufthansa has ridiculously set the bar way too high for me, and now I have no idea how I will ever be able to fly on Southwest again…!

LH Terminal (39 of 39)

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Will @firstqfinance
5 years ago

Porsche, FTW! I love all the pictures! I assume a first class ticket will be part of an upcoming blog giveaway?? 😀

5 years ago

Loving these travel hacking posts. You keep on giving me things to add to the bucket list. 😀

No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

I would never have thought that an airport lounge could be so good.

5 years ago

Wow…just wow…not sure if I’ll ever be swinging through Frankfurt, but it’s good to see the possibilities. Thanks for sharing!

5 years ago

OMG! Such an experience! You such be banned to write about travel hacking for your entire live!
Just kiddind! Loved the post and the photos!


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