Japan Quick Update (August 14, 2014)

Hey everyone! I’ve been in Japan for a few days now, and am absolutely having the time of my life. It’s difficult to explain in words, but I really do feel like I’ve stepped into a whole different world. I think I have officially caught the travel bug! If this is a sneak peak to what early FI is even remotely like… Wow, please sign me up for some more! It hasn’t even been one full week yet, but I’ve experienced an overwhelming degree of time distortion…

Time is finite and life is short. The only way I know of to really extend life is to live more! Each new experience adds a little something… It helps us grow as individuals. Evolve. Become something better.

Because I’ve fully immersed myself into this latest adventure, each day creates more memories than an entire month of my daily (mundane) work life ever could. From time to time, it’s necessary and important to leave behind the stresses and burden of the daily grind!

Here are some pictures of the life unscripted:

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6 years ago

Looks awesome! Hopefully this trip tides you over until you officially declare FI in the next year or so!

6 years ago

Enjoy Japan! My trip looks pretty different from yours, but I really enjoyed it too!

6 years ago

Who are the ladies 😉

No Nonsense Landlord
6 years ago

Looks like a great time. PS. The best way to eat sushi is deep fried, in beer batter.

Will - FQF
6 years ago

And who are the ladies??

6 years ago

Great to se youtube Photos! Enjoy japan! If You ever come to Portugal ler me know!

6 years ago

Love your description of unplugging from the real world and diving head first into a semi-retirement trip.

Have a blast and keep sending us updates when you can!

Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

Looks awesome! Exactly why I try incorporating travel into my life regularly, even with my limited budget!

Dividend Mantra
6 years ago

FI Fighter,

Good stuff man. Life unscripted is the only way to go.

Sushi in Japan…a dream come true!

Have a great time over there.


6 years ago

Looks amazing! So happy to see you’re having a great time. I think the best part of travelling, is having nothing define you, other than you! You’re not FI, the engineer living in CA, who does XYZ. You’re meeting people and having them respond to you authentically, without the societal role categories that we often get hung up on. Hopefully you see more and more of that!

Happy eating and gambatte!

6 years ago

How timely! I was just there in July. Spent 2 weeks in Kyoto and Tokyo. Had an amazing time too. I always take time to travel. It is the one expense I’m willing to make each year. I drive an 09 Honda Civic, live in an apartment, don’t have fancy clothes, watches, etc. Travel is my luxury and I have already been to over 30 countries and I don’t plan to stop. Enjoy your trip and soak it all in.

6 years ago

FI Fighter

Thanks for sharing the excitement about your trip. Looks like an amazing adventure! We had a chance to visit China for a week two years ago, of course way too short for a country that big. Our host was amazing and the food exceptional.

BTW, I’ve included your blog in my newly expanded blogroll at http://divgro.blogspot.com/p/blogroll.html


Kathy @ RentalRealities

FYI – I just got approved for the Ink Plus card. 🙂 Been getting familiar with the travel hacking world via blogs and whatnot, so thank you for the inspiration!