Stock Watchlist (March 07, 2015)

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Well, I’ve blown through a bigger chunk of capital faster than I would have imagined when I first completed the cash out refi. It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? It takes eons to save up funds, but in a mere matter of seconds, I can find many ways to invest the money…

Luckily, I still have some ammo left, and with the market finally reversing direction, I’m seeing a lot of good opportunities popping up.

This past week, I made two transactions: 1) I picked up 100 shares of Coca-Cola (KO), which is a stock I would like to make a Core Holding in my portfolio. 2) I initiated a position with Emerson Electric (EMR), also purchasing 100 shares.

Looking back, these two latest moves are some of my more “boring” acquistions. Further, with the stock market pulling back so significantly this past Friday, you could argue that I didn’t probe deep enough to unearth some better bargains…

When it came down to it, I decided to stick to my plan, and since I knew that I wanted KO as a Core Holding, I decided to make the move now. I’ve believed all along, and still do, that if you have a long-term plan in place, then the minor fluctuations of today will ultimately not matter much in the end; I’m not investing to day trade, but to buy and hold. Never say never, but my mentality with constructing this new stock portfolio is to acquire holdings that I want to hang on to for the long haul. In other words, if I have full conviction that I want to own lots of shares of KO for the future, why not go ahead and get started right now? With compounding, time is your best friend, but you must play…

By picking up 100 shares now, I’m executing the plan. I would consider my position in KO partially filled, and if there is a much more significant pullback in the near future, I’ll look to add more shares. I’ve never had a problem with dollar-cost-averaging down… But at least I’ve got some shares now!

The next purchase, EMR, is another unsexy pick. EMR is not a growth stock, and with the dollar strengthening, near-term business and revenue could easily find itself struggling. With this pick, I went with a Dividend Aristocrat that has been able to pay a growing dividend for 58 years straight. EMR is also sitting near 52 week lows, and again, because I’m investing for the long-term, I’m not going to get caught up with all the headlines of today. Historically, EMR at a P/E of around 18 and a dividend yield of 3.3% is a pretty attractive buy. I kept things simple, and proceeded with the purchase; my allocation in EMR is now complete in my portfolio.

But as mentioned earlier, there are many attractive opportunities right now. Going into next week, I have my eyes on the following stocks:

Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD): This is a Canadian bank that I’ve always liked and wanted to buy. I even completed a stock analysis on TD many million years ago… And although I’ve always admired TD from afar, I’ve never pulled the trigger and actually bought any shares. TD closed at $43.03 on Friday, and looks very attractively priced right now. The dividend yield is very high at 3.79%.

Initially, when I first put together my “I Hope This Works Fund”, I left off TD and settled on 22 other companies. After some reflection, I’m thinking I made a mistake by not including TD. Although I would like to keep the portfolio somewhat more simple, I believe there’s enough room for one more!

Outside of a huge market rally next week, I’m almost certain I will initiate a position with TD and pick up a few shares. I’m hoping for an entry point below $43/share.

AT&T (T): AT&T just recently got booted from the Dow Jones index, being replaced by Apple (AAPL). I think this is more a hit on reputation than anything else, but if the news causes the stock to sell off some, then I will be paying attention and looking to pick up some discounted shares. T is an interesting stock… It’s not a growth story, and even the dividend growth is mediocre… but at 5.6% yield, it’s an extremely attractive income stock. For the longest time, there has always appeared to be a floor at around $32/share. T closed on Friday at $33.48/share. If T breaches below $33/share, I will be interested in making a purchase.

Exxon Mobil (XOM) and Chevon (CVX): Oil is still getting beat up, and shares of XOM surpassed their previous 52 week low mark on Friday. Time to initiate a position? Perhaps… I realize that things could get much worse soon, or stay flat for a good period of time, but had you told me even just a few months ago that I would have an opportunity to “steal” XOM at under $86/share, or purchase CVX with a 4.0% dividend yield, I would have said, “sign me up!”

Again, when you’re buying with a long-term perspective in mind, today’s headwinds don’t seem as daunting or scary… At these prices, all I see are great opportunities to load up on some discounted shares of some of the world’s best energy companies.

For next week, I’m hoping CVX can dip below $100/share again. XOM already looks cheap… I can see myself adding either one of these stocks next week. Right now, I’m leaning more towards CVX and its more attractive 4.0% dividend… But don’t be surprised if I buy some XOM, instead.

If prices keep dropping? Well, stash some more cash and buy more! These are good times, indeed…

Amgen (AMGN): AMGN closed on Friday down almost 3%. Biotechs got hit pretty good, and this is one stock that I would love to add on further weakness. Contrary to some of the more defensive stocks in my portfolio, this is one I would be banking on for growth — both the share price and dividend.

I would love the opportunity to pick up some shares at around the $150/share range.

Coca-Cola (KO): Even though I just picked up 100 shares of KO, I’m still eyeing this one. My allocation is not yet complete, and if KO can fall below $41/share, I will be very tempted to pick up say another 100 shares or so…


Quite a few companies on this latest Stock Watchlist… When the market drops, it’s always a most exciting time! Hopefully things stay “bad” and we investors get even better opportunties to load up on some quality holdings.


Happy Hunting! 🙂

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Income Surfer
5 years ago

Thanks for sharing Fighter. KO has been my largest holding since 2008, and I’ve been reasonably happy with it…..not with management mind you, but with the business as a whole. I added to our CVX holdings a few months ago at a shade over $100. I’d like to add more, but I think the oil glut will continue. Could be wrong, but I don’t see any reason to be a hero.

This past week I initiated a position in Fastenal (FAST). It might be worth a look, although growth will continue to slow in the coming months.

No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

Mortgaging a property and buying stocks is a high-risk opportunity. Hopefully it works out. I think the market is getting frothy, and may even be time to get a bit defensive. After a 33%+ run-up, followed by a 13%+ year, this year will likely be 7% at best. And in 2016 maybe a down year, even though it is a presidential year. Interest rates go up, creating competition for stocks. Buyers have put all their capital to work. Companies will slow down their repurchase plans as other investment alternatives get put into place. And when the show shine boy is… Read more »

5 years ago

Those are some excellent choices, FIFighter. I am keeping a close eye on AMGN and T as well…..although I should just go ahead and start investing in KO or PEP – those stalwarts are missing from my portfolio, and I always find an excuse not to pay the premium.

Good stuff on picking up shares in EMR and KO. They will serve you well and will form a good core position in your portfolio. Thanks for sharing


My Dividend Pipeline
5 years ago

FI Fighter,

I think you are dead on with these choices. I own almost every thing you mentioned. Another company that I really loaded up on this week is PM…over $7k invested. I also added $4k in CAT which looks great at 3.5% yield.

Also, Chevron and Exxon have been on my buy list for several months now.

Best of luck with your future purchases.


5 years ago

Thanks for the writeup and list of prospective stocks. I recently bought more shares of AT&T and Chevron. If KO comes down a little more, I’ll be very interested!


5 years ago

I’ve been a longtime shareholder of TD and the only mistake I made is not buying more shares. I’m not sure if you can get it in the US, but look into the DRIP, as you pick up shares at a discount to the current stock price. It’s a great way to build a solid position over time. Keep in mind over half of their business is in the US and they report in CAD, so when the CAD drops against the USD, their profits go up. If you’re looking a value play, take a look at Badger Daylighting. The… Read more »

5 years ago

Welcome back to the stock market 🙂
The market is reversing, but it may not last long. We are still in a bullish trend which doesn’t seem to be ending. Maybe just a small correction. But it still offer a good opportunity to enter some good stocks. Like energy stocks, for example.

5 years ago

Your diversifying and that is great!
From a dividend investor/collector, the market still offers great deals!
Take care!

5 years ago

How’s your Tesla and Alibaba doing?


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