Portfolio Update: New Subtraction (TSLA; May 30, 2013)


Boy, I really didn’t want to have to do this so soon, but since I’m now in the process of securing a loan for Rental Property #3, I didn’t really have much of a choice. Today, I sold my last remaining 100 shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) for $104.13/share.

I previously made $5120 on my last transaction, so altogether, I’m up $10,033. This isn’t too bad, considering the fact that I haven’t even owned TSLA for more than a month. Well, sometimes you just get lucky. I think the important thing, though, is to fight human instinct and not get too greedy. That is, know when enough is enough.

Yes, I would have loved to hold TSLA for the long haul. But, circumstances change, and right now I have a great opportunity to invest my savings to secure an income generating stream. An income stream that will pay me every month, for as long as I own the property. Again, that’s the whole point of this investing game. I need to build a cash flow system, and TSLA won’t do that for me.

Sure, TSLA could still go up another $50, or $100, or even $200, eventually. But as we all know, it’s risky business playing the “what if” game. Especially on a stock that is so fundamentally unsound and full of hype right now. It’s always good to try and get in before the hype starts. Because what goes up usually comes crashing back down! TSLA was strictly an appreciation play, and I got more back than I could have ever envisioned when I first got in. I’m content with that. I’ll take my profits and not look back. It was a great ride while it lasted!

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7 years ago

I am happy that you are going for your #3. How does it work with getting mortgages when you already have two? I was under the impression, that once you are mortgaged to the tilt, no bank would ever lend you a penny. I am asking because I was thinking to somehow sell my current appartment and buy a bigger one, but I am under water and we were thinking to secure a tenant who would pay a rent, but still, my current mortgage is quite high to be offset by a rent and to add another mortgage would sink… Read more »


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