Portfolio Update: New Subtraction (TSLA; May 13, 2013)


I picked up 260 shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) last week, right before earnings. The stock has been on a tear since, and I decided to use today to take some profits. I’m not much of a gambler, and my preference for investing long-term is to invest, not trade. I’m a Dividend Growth Investor at heart, so I already know that TSLA doesn’t fit into my overall gameplan.

With that said, I took a gamble on TSLA, and it paid off. I originally purchased at $55/share, and offloaded 160 shares today at $87/share. Without accounting for commission, fees, and taxes, this is $5120 in gains. Basically, I cashed out so that I could get back most of the principal, and am now playing with mostly just the profits.

I plan on holding the remaining shares since I feel like Tesla is a long-term growth story. I’ll probably add more shares on dips, but at this time, I would like to re-focus on building back up my dividend growth portfolio. Also, I am working on saving up capital for Rental Property #3. I’ll admit, investing in a stock like TSLA is extremely exciting. I’m sure it’ll take me on a rollercoaster ride as well, though, so I have to remember not to get too distracted! Stick with the plan… this is just for side hustling. 🙂

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Progress Trap
7 years ago

Man, that’s a tasty gain. I bought my TSLA way back at the IPO at $20.59 for a nice 4.2x gain if I sold today. BUT I only bought 5 shares haha.

The First Million is the Hardest

Nice trade! TSLA has been on a tear since their earnings call. I think there’s got to be a big pullback sooner or later, but right now it looks unstoppable.

7 years ago

Thats a nice gain. Its one of the reasons I have a very small stable of high growth stocks that don’t pay dividends…. they may give you very respectable capital growth over time… dividend stocks still pay my bills though…can’t forget who puts food on the table!