Portfolio Update: New Subtraction (CAT, CSX, PSX, and BP; January 24-25, 2013)


The last round of selling looks to be finished. I exited out of four more positions on Thursday and Friday. After these transactions, I should now have enough funds to complete the downpayment.


Here is the breakdown:

January 24:
17 shares of CATERPILLAR INC (CAT) for $97.20/share
141 shares of CSX CORP (CSX) for $22.06/share

January 25:
14 shares of PHILLIPS 66 (PSX) for $56.69/share
25 share of BP P L C SPONSORED ADR (BP) for $44.14/share

Transaction Total: $6640.02

Total Cash in Brokerage Account: $46,646.13

I should be able to cover the rest of the downpayment using funds already in my checking account. I really hope this is the last of the selling, as I don’t think I can take much more!

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That’s great you have all the funds you need now. I wish you the best of luck with the closing process. I hope it all goes very smoothly!

BTW, you’re going to be probably hit with a pretty decent tax bill for cap gains this year after selling such a large swath all at once. But I suppose your dividends will be lower to somewhat offset this, correct?

Even after selling so many stocks you still have a pretty good portfolio left over, so the rebuilding process will go very quickly…especially with all the extra cashflow from the new property. You’ll be over the $100k mark in no time. Plus, you have your retirement accounts. You’re doing great, my friend.

Best wishes!

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Hate to see you have to sell off even more shares, but the prospect of living rent free for the rest of your life is worth cutting the portfolio back a bit. I’ll have some capital gains to deal with for taxes this April and in 2013 but nothing major to change my taxes significantly. At least as of now.

Brett @ wstreetstocks

Those are all great stocks that you sold. However, most of them have rallied alot over the past few months, so it could be time to take profits. I am considering selling my shares my shares of CAT, they are up 15%.


Fighter, I am crying for you. If I were you, my first step after securing the residence and start receiving the rent, use it all to rebuild the portfolio.