Portfolio Update: New Addition (KMI and INTC; October 12, 2012)

No, this is not a re-post of yesterday’s transactions. I actually added two additional purchases today, giving me a total of four transactions for the week. At this point in time, I must admit, yes, I do have a problem. I’ve become a stockaholic!

As many readers may know, Kinder Morgan (KMI) dipped 2.54% after hours last night due to secondary offerings from Goldman Sachs hitting the market. This morning, the stock opened at $34.15, and quickly shot up. I was monitoring at market open, so I was prepared to act. I noticed an uptrend taking place, so I quickly put in an order for additional shares. I ended up purchasing 50 shares of KMI for $34.29/share. This is in addition to the 43 shares I purchased yesterday. I now have a total of 93 shares. At this point in time, I think it is finally safe to say that I am DONE shopping for KMI… until next month at the earliest 😉

Though I wasn’t finished with just this single purchase. Last month, I initiated a position with Intel (INTC), and have been thinking about adding to it in the event the stock tumbled further. INTC is currently sitting at 4.19% yield which makes it very hard to resist. Further, its share price is at a 52 week low. I found myself constantly refreshing the screen until I finally just gave in, said “screw it”, and added an additional 62 shares of INTC at $21.47/share. I now own 125 shares, and can finally say that the urge to purchase more INTC is finally fading away.

And just like that, I have now made five new purchases in October… and we aren’t even half way through the month! Factor in the six transactions from September, and this is now eleven purchases in less than two months. This should go a long ways towards helping increase the dividend payouts each month, though I should point out that it was never my intention to go on such a shopping frenzy.

As you are probably well aware, it doesn’t take very long to run out of funds when buying stocks 😉 So, I had to get a bit resourceful and sell some ESPP stocks (which were just recently granted). However, should the market continue dropping further, then I’ll really have to get creative to find a way to make any more purchases this month. Otherwise, I should really just stop. Addictions are bad, so let’s hope this last splurge will tide me over until November. But for everyone else still shopping for bargains, good luck and happy hunting!

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Dividend Growth Machine

Nice purchases! It can be hard to restrain oneself when many good buying opportunities come up at around the same time. I made a total of 5 purchases in September and October, which is more than the previous 5 months combined. I’m now out of cash, and while I could try to do something creative to raise a bit of cash, I plan to simply wait until November when I’ll have fresh capital from savings.

JC @ PassiveIncomePursuit

I almost bought some more of both KMI and INTC. I was debating between the two but neither of them hit my price point. I should have gone ahead and purchased the KMI because I’m hoping that INTC will fall further. I’ve made 5 purchases counting my put option since September and am hoping to get one more in for October possibly more. I’m pretty much out of cash other than enough to make a small purchase. I’ve been trying to target a $2,000 purchase for each position so that eats the capital pretty quickly. But later this month I’ll… Read more »

All About Interest
7 years ago

4 transactions in a week is awesome! I really like KMI and will be watching it closely. I’ve sold a couple of puts on INTC and may end up with additional shares if the price stays depressed so I’m not buying more yet. It does get hard to hold onto cash instead of deploying it right away. I’ve learned to keep a little on hand in the case that a great opportunity arises so I don’t miss out. Good luck!