Portfolio Update: New Addition (CSX)

A recent addition to the portfolio comes with the purchase of CSX Corporation (CSX). The company provides rail-based transportation services and operates primarily out of the East Coast region. A total of 80 shares were purchased. This is my first purchase into the railroad industry. The other two major players who were also under consideration were Union Pacific (UNP) and Norfolk Southern (NSC). At this time, I feel CSX is fairly priced and offers promising potential for both future share price appreciation and dividend growth.

The stock is currently trading at $20.90 with a P/E of 12.51 and forward P/E of 9.80.

CSX has increased dividends each of the last 5 years. The payout ratio is below 30%.

The projected EPS growth for the next 3 years looks solid at an average of 13.48% and the CAGR from the past 5 years was 12.18%.


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3 years ago

Nice little analysis here FI Fighter. Know that this one was a long time ago so hopefully it went well for you!

Cheers and I’ll keep ploughing through your archives 🙂