The Waiting Game Sucks!

Again, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not the most patient person in the world. When I start a task, I also like to focus on it intensively until completion. When I was closing Rental Property #3, it consumed a lot of my time and I couldn’t wait for it to be finished! Now that it’s done and over with, I’m starting to get BORED…

What Now?

It probably took two days before the sense of accomplishment faded away, and I asked myself, “what’s the next move?” Well, other than rapidly trying to save up for Rental Property #4, there really isn’t a next move… Once I came to that realization, I started to get a little depressed. 🙁

Dividend Investing

It’s going to take some time for me to come up with the next downpayment (three or four months minimum). As I mentioned, I’m impatient, and I don’t really like the idea of accumulating paychecks and not putting them to good use.

One idea that’s been floating around in my head lately is to put fresh funds back into dividend stocks. I don’t currently own any dividend stocks, but this is more a temporary thing than a permanent one. Eventually, I want to rebuild an adequately sized dividend portfolio.

However, at this moment in time, the S&P 500 is sitting at an all-time high at over 1700 points. Most of the big blue chips are yielding at 3% or below, so the appeal really isn’t there. Even if I wanted to make a move today, I really don’t have a target company to acquire.

The market seems so inflated, that in some sense I feel even more inclined to just invest in growth stocks…

Enjoy Life!

The other alternative, and the one I’ve been focusing on, is to just give this whole investing thing a break for awhile. I’ve become entirely consumed with it (especially during closing time), so I’m feeling burned out. Since it’s going to take me so long to accumulate enough funds for the next downpayment, I’ve been trying to focus more on my social life. This means no more market research, no more looking at properties, and just no more “caring”.

By focusing more on going out and having fun (frugal fun), I’ll feel less bored and less inclined to make an impulsive investing move. It will also help pass the time and make work more tolerable.

I’m trying my best to “live in the moment”. Sometimes I forget to do that and I must remind myself not to forget about today. I’m very future-oriented, so that can be a problem. But we must remember that the future in not guaranteed to anyone… Carpe diem!


How do you manage the waiting game? Do you ever feel BORED with investing?  Any tips or strategies you recommend? How do you accelerate the savings process?

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All About Interest
7 years ago

I’m actually looking for a place to park my IRS escrow account that I keep cash in to make quarterly payments. I don’t want to have to sell any DG stocks but I was researching some preferred offerings that don’t fluctuate as much in price. One downside though is the low liquidity. Currently the funds are just sitting in my Schwab “high yield” account. I think the “high yield” is 0.1% 🙁

7 years ago

I’ve been having a lot of troubles with this too. I started dating someone right after I moved into my condo and then when I ended that relationship in the spring, I was a little unsure of what to do with all my free time! I’ve solved that problem now 🙂 If I were you, I would split your paycheck with $X that you need for your budget each month going to your checking account and the rest going to your savings account. That way, you don’t need to think about the money accumulating at all. You might even be… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Dating is the worst! I’ve sworn off dating, haha. I just don’t feel like dealing with the games.

Dividend Mantra
7 years ago

FI, The waiting game definitely sucks. No doubt about it. I’m three years in on a twelve year journey, and it’s really hard staring 9 more years in the face. But the great thing is that every step we take towards financial independence buys us flexibility. And we can cash that in at any time. I’m probably now to the point where I could work part-time for the rest of my life and be okay. And I definitely know you could too. Is it knowing that you’re going to be working for a few more years that bugs you, or… Read more »

Dividend investing Martin

I think your waiting period might end soon. The market seems to struggle going higher. It may consolidate going sideways or fall back some. I would expect the first option, since as interest rates will rise, bonds will lose money and a new wave of investors will rush into stocks (those who are still in bonds) and they may push stocks higher (creating another bubble). Tough times, but when the times were easy, right? I think there are stocks worth buying even at this elevated level, but it’s hard to spot them. You can always continue writing and piling cash… Read more »

Dividend investing Martin
Reply to  FI Fighter

It’s individual, but currently I like KMP, DLR, O, T and MCD, however, these still are not for four month period. Hard to say.

btw, what engineering are you practicing (for two more years and not longer)?


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Jason @ Islands of Investing

Hi Fi Fighter – I know this comment is about 8 months late, but I stumbled across this post and loved it, so couldn’t help but comment. I love your message about taking some time just to refocus on enjoying life. This is something I’m also very mindful of these days. It’s hard not to get caught up in focusing on that day in the future when you’ll eventually be financially independent – THEN life will be great! But we have to remember to focus on every day we have, and live in the moment, because the current moment is… Read more »