Back Again… I think!

Wow, so a lot has been going on these past few months~ I haven’t been able to update this site as regularly as I would like, but I’m hopeful that all the “excitement” is now over, and I can regain my normal schedule/routine again.

In short, here’s what’s been going on:

  • Closed Rental Property #2 and rented it out for $2150/month. Spent about $20k in repairs (more than I originally budgeted for).
  • Had to cash out all of my remaining dividend stocks to pay for the renovation. As of today, I own 0 shares and my dividend portfolio is worth $0.
  • Had to deal with another renovation in my own residence which meant sporadic internet connection and lots of stuff moving around. That’s finally complete now, so hopefully I can update this blog more regularly again.
  • Work banned all internet traffic that’s non-work related. This made it even more difficult to check in on this blog…
  • Took a gamble and bought 260 shares of Tesla Motors (TSLA) stock before earnings for a cost basis of around $55/share. For some reason, I started seeing the Model S EVERYWHERE, and just had a hunch the stock would skyrocket. I sold ESPP stock to fund this. I know, I realize I’m committing Dividend Growth Investing treason since I’m a believer in DGI … This type of strategy definitely does NOT fit my long-term gameplan. It’s a gamble, and I know that. I’m taking that risk for now…
  • Am starting to consider out-of-state investment properties. I’ve been meeting with some contacts and am learning that it is very possible to achieve 25%+ cash-on-cash returns. These type of returns simply don’t exist in my own real estate market, and I’m not good enough with stocks to even attempt to achieve this. I’m intrigued and am doing research to learn more about these opportunities. Again, I believe in cash flow, and whether it be from dividend stocks or real estate, if I can get those type of returns, I’m all ears!

That’s all for now. Have a great weekend everyone!

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JC @ Passive Income Pursuit

Hopefully things will finally settle down. Sounds like you’ve been very busy this year so far. While it’s a shame to see your DG portfolio back at $0, it might not exactly be the worst time to have been cashing out with the markets being at least fully valued if not overvalued. I think the fundamentals can still support this price level, but with very few down days I would be very surprised if we don’t get a pull back soon. At some point a wave of profit taking will come along. How much of the rent for property 2… Read more »

Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin

Glad to see you back on the radar my friend! Glad you got the property rented out, I have to admit I chuckled at your gamble, I’m curious to see how it turns out. Hope to see you back on a regular basis, have a good one.

7 years ago

Fighter, nice to see you back. I understand your gamble. If it is a part of your plan and rules. For my “total return” covered calls I also use non-DGI stocks and I am completely fine with it as well.

7 years ago

Welcome back! I don’t post nearly as much anymore – there’s just not that much to talk about when my finances are more boring with most things chugging along on autopilot. I am figuring out the credit card rewards game though.

Congrats on rental property #2! Glad you got it rented out! Now do we get to see some photos? 😉