SILJ – A Safer Way To Play Silver At This Time

For anyone who has ever speculated on mining stocks before in the past, you probably know full well how potent having even just a select few silver stocks handy can be for overall portfolio returns whenever sentiment flips to positive for the continue reading at Seeking Alpha

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1 year ago

Great article on SILJ. You brought up the main issues about the relatively high expense ratio and it not being a pure silver play. There was one other issue I see with SILJ, which is liquidity. SILJ trades a relatively low number of shares versus other precious metal ETFs such as GDX and GDXJ. I’d be interested in knowing your thoughts about this. For now, I prefer buying silver (the metal) over the silver mining stocks for of the reasons you pointed out: the miners are producing it for not much more than it costs them, and the historically high… Read more »