Real Wealth Stock Purchase – VWO (September 10, 2018)

Thanks for voting everyone! The first Real Wealth Stock Poll concluded this weekend, and with funds already transferred to my brokerage account, I was able to pull the trigger and make a purchase this morning for 10 shares of Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF (VWO) at $39.94/share.

Learn more about the composition of VWO.

From Vanguard.

Although I did receive donations of $418.90 for the month of August, unfortunately, I didn’t have sufficient funds to purchase more shares of VWO.

I bought as much as I could…

And to my knowledge, VWO isn’t like Bitcoin (BTC) where you can chop it up and buy fractional shares…

So, it is what it is…

I’ll keep the remaining balance in the account and use it along with next month’s income to purchase the next round of shares… In any case, I will admit I’m very pleased VWO won the most recent poll, as I’m always a fan of buying shares at 52 week lows, even if, yes, things “can get a lot worse/uglier from here” for Emerging Markets…

Here’s a 1 year share price performance chart for VWO.

And my most recent tweet announcing today’s purchase.


Please don’t laugh — This is just the starting point of my new journey.


And this is exactly why people (like myself) need to remain humble in life… When you think you are hot shit and start to get even a little smug, go attempt something new that you aren’t good at… That’ll pull you back down to reality in a hurry.


At my apex, I used to be able to generate $200k/year in salary… These days, I’m “raking” in ~$400/month.


But we all have to start somewhere!


So, in many ways, I hope this next phase of my life will serve as inspiration/motivation to someone else out there on the path to early FI.


Keep your head up, just keep going, and don’t quit.


Fight On!

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2 years ago

You Sir, are a baller.

Nicholas C. Mil
Nicholas C. Mil
2 years ago

How are you paying bills and living with 400 a month?

2 years ago

The mutual fund equivalent (VEIEX) lets you buy fractional shares (albeit with higher fees until you hit $10k invested) 🙂

2 years ago

„When you think you are hot shit and start to get even a little smug, go attempt something new that you aren’t good at…“ Love it! Gotta learn to stay humble in the heat of success. One important part of character i still have to learn and Master.
Thanks for beeing so open even about failures. Thats what differentiates you from others and thats why i am following since about a year.
Cheers from one of those europeans following u. ???????????

1 year ago

Hi FIF, Love what you are doing with this one! It’s a great example of how hustling hard can help you get to FI. Although you already are I’m guessing the majority of your readers aren’t yet so you are keeping your content relevant rather than just banging on about how great it is to be FI all the time which other blogs tend to do. I owe you a donation big time! Expect one to follow later in the week as am going on holiday Sunday and need something to read while I’m away so figured its great opportunity… Read more »