Real Estate Rental Property #3 Update (July 23, 2013)


DONE! Rental Property #3 officially closed today, at 11:00 AM (PST). I stopped by my local bank and had the funds wired over to the title company. True, I could have wired the money over using the online service, but that would have cost me $25. By visiting the local branch, I was able to get the fee waived!

In the big picture, $25 is nothing, but why pay for something when you don’t have to? Often times, I think people get too complacent and just go along with whatever the rules are. As I’ve been learning through my experience with getting rejected by credit cards (and having the rulings overturned!), sometimes, all you have to do is ask nicely. You’ll be surprised how often you can get things done on your terms.

This whole process took three months! I’m so relieved it’s finally over… now I’m going to go out tonight to celebrate! 🙂

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Dividend investing Martin

Congrats! But As I know you so far, this is not over yet, right? Now you start a quest for another property… 🙂

7 years ago

Congrats!! Enjoy your celebration 🙂

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Congrats on number 3 finally being closed. How soon til you can get some cash flow? Leaning more towards the midwest for 4 or coming down to Texas?

The First Million is the Hardest


7 years ago

Congrats you should listen to rob black and your money podcast today he talked about some cities were realestate will be a good buy good luck on the next one.

7 years ago

I’m still not sure if I’m going to buy real estate instead of buy dividend paying stocks. I started to read hiw I turned 1,000 into million in real estate by William Nickerson. Do you know anybody that has used tom Wilson or Lori Greymont they are turn key businesses

7 years ago

Lori and Tom have a show on 1220 am at 3:00pm and sell turn key properties. Have you joined bigger pockets blog if not check it out good luck.


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