Number of Rental Properties = Pairs of Shoes

Three pairs

I have a confession to make — As soon as I close on Rental Property #3 next week, I will own as many properties as I do shoes. Yes, that’s right, I will have one property for each pair of shoes I own. 😉

Obviously, this wasn’t by design, but I guess it gives you a good inside look on how I structure my lifestyle. When it comes to personal spending, I just don’t feel like I really need all that much. I’ve probably never been happier either, so definitely don’t see the correlation between personal happiness and material possessions owned.

Well, once I complete the transaction, I’ll reset the odometer and start the whole process all over again. That’s right, with Rental Property #3 out of the way, I’ll soon begin research for Rental Property #4! Right now, it’s very early, but I’m hoping to be able to purchase another property sometime in December. I would like to get one more property in 2013, if possible.

The way things are going, I’m almost 100% certain I will buy another rental property before purchasing another pair of fresh kicks. Soon enough, I would like to make the statement read:

Number of Rental Properties > Pairs of Shoes

P.S. Those aren’t actually my shoes pictured above. Sorry to disappoint, but my own collection isn’t quite so stylish! 😉

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7 years ago

Haha, I was a little confused whose shoes those were 😉

7 years ago

Ha! I have two rental properties and about 5 pairs of shoes. I guess I need to catch up with you!

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Didn’t expect you to wear heels.

7 years ago

Your investment property progress is impressive, but almost more impressive to me is how few shoes you own.

I have a pair of running shoes, a pair of cleats, and a pair of hiking boots. That’s 3 pairs right there for athletics alone, not counting work shoes and casual shoes.

It’s not like I have a ton of shoes, either. I probably have about 8 or 9 pairs. But just 3? You must be really good at having very general-purpose shoe needs.