Real Estate Investing: Turnkey Investing Podcast with Brie Schmidt and FI Fighter


Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Brie Schmidt over at Turnkey-Reviews. Funny enough, Brie was one of my original role models when I first discovered Bigger Pockets and real estate investing.

It was a lot of fun! Although Brie has been way, way, way more successful than me, we started out REI much the same way, and our experiences to date have been strikingly similar!

With that said, here is the podcast (episode #5):

Turnkey Investing Podcast: Show #5



I hope you enjoyed the interview. Thanks for tuning in!


You know, I probably shouldn’t watch, you know, so many San Francisco 49ers interviews, you know, because as you know, it sort of gets you talking, you know, a certain way, you know…” 😉

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Alexander @ CashFlowDiaries

I heard the podcast the day it came out! Good stuff! You did a great job and I like all the topics discussed. Brie has an amazing story herself and it was super cool getting to know her too.

5 years ago

Listened to both your podcasts and follow both your sites closely. Really appreciate all your insights and shared experiences!

The Bay Area might be taking a breather (seasonal) now, but I am hearing a lot of rumblings that there are still tons of investor cash waiting on the sidelines ready to pounce on any weakness.

I’m not anticipating a significant downturn soon, but hopeful. Maybe a dotcom 2.0 + rate hike + earthquake would do it.

Is this what your seeing in the SoBay?

Common Reporting Standard

For us turnkey homes can provide you with a good investment with little work on your part. It’s not the most lucrative way but it is the least involved from the investor’s perspective 🙂 .