Mining Stocks Report – Still Working On It (August 27, 2018)…

Sorry everyone, honestly I did my best to try and finish up the Mining Stocks Report this weekend, but there is still work to be done! I’m at over 10,000 words now, and well, what can I say other than continuing to work on this thing into the early hours of the morning feels like writing a term paper that I didn’t get started on until the night before it was due…

In other words, I think I need a break…

I could probably stay up until 4 AM to finish this off, but I’m very certain the quality of the content would fall off a cliff exponentially the longer I keep at this…

Buy hey, it’s mining after all that we are talking about here, so aren’t you all used to delays by now?!?

All joking aside, I’m aiming to finish this project sometime later on Monday… Hopefully no later than Tuesday at the latest.


Thanks for all the support!





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2 years ago

Looking forward to the mining report. I am learning how to value these stocks and come upon my own understanding of ‘real value,’ but you’re light years ahead of me, and it is helpful to get an idea of what is going on in your opinion. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and as I’m embarking on my own journey, really good to have your information on Class A properties…I am thinking about getting a rental property that I live in at first, then rent out once I find a good deal on another piece. Have met with a person locally… Read more »