Gold Vs. Bitcoin (Summed up in One Chart)

Well, Bitcoin recently eclipsed $900/coin… So, it at least looks like there is demand from the marketplace for alternative forms of currency/money after all!

As for the precious metals (gold and silver), well, let’s just say they’ve seen better days… The first half of 2016 was incredible for investors, and the second half, ehh, not so much…

Gold vs. Bitcoin?

In the short-term, the following chart will tell you everything you need to know (Thanks goes out to Sabeel at Roadmap2Retire for sharing!)…

Here’s the original tweet…

So crazy… Looks like we are indeed living in the Digital Age!

“Intrinsic” value? Psshhhhh, so overrated! 🙁

As someone who is heavily invested in the precious metals and the corresponding mining shares, sure, you can say it’s crossed my mind and I’ve wondered, “What if I invested in Bitcoin, instead?

But I’ve made my choice, so I have to live with the results…

Will the tide turn for the precious metals sector? If so, when?!?


Nobody knows…


No doubt about it, though, 2016 was a crazy rollercoaster ride for precious metals investors!


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Thanks for the shoutout buddy. The fact that an unmanipulated security that goes contrary to conventional monetary policies is taking off should say a lot, doesnt it?


3 years ago

Sorry to hear about your precious metal investments going against such a strong trend. It’s been a long time since we’ve heard about your real estate or any other of your investments. How’s the total nest egg doing, aka: is your financial independence still safe? I used to love reading about your net worth updates and I’d love to know more about your philosophy when it comes to the big picture of your portfolio at this point in time. Keep fighting!

3 years ago

Will be interesting to see if people value Botcoin over gold (i.e., the value of one Botcoin will exceed the value of 1oz of gold). I still sleep better knowing gold survived multiple financial crisis while its unknown how Botcoin will fare. Also, I recall account holders in one Botcoin exchange were charged 30% when hackers stole some.

3 years ago
Reply to  chillywit

I know what bitcoin is, what the hell is botcoin?