Precious Metals – Casual Conversations (October 14, 2016)


Hey everyone, as we all know, the markets are CRAZY volatile right now! For better or worse, it sure does make for some great conversations.

Here are some snippets from a most recent chat with Fabi (The Next Big Rush) and Nick (MiningBookGuy).


I hope you guys enjoy!


Mining Stocks Are Crashing! Are we selling?


Investing in Lithium – Will the Crash Hinder it?


Ray Dalio Buys Gold?


More good stuff to come in the future!


Please Note: Pardon the lag/choppiness at times in the videos… My internet connection in HK is not exactly stellar… And if I sounded sleepy, I was… We recorded around midnight HK time. 😉


Fight On!

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Hi Jay – I’m enjoying your site and updates! I’m not sure if you listen to Frank Curzio’s podcast but he was talking recently about a new venture with JDL GOLD CORP that involves a lot of the big names in the sector: Marin Katusa, Rick Rule etc.

Have you by chance reviewed this company?

Here is Frank discussing it with the CEO:



I read Katusa’s stuff – it will be good. They also likely merged due to previous private placements and $$$ issues. But the way the three are coming together will provide value over the long term no doubt. It’s one of many good companies.

fyi Jay – “chatyak”



Hi Jay,
I enjoy your blog and video interviews like this series you just did. I like the spontaneous remarks and synergystic ideas when you discuss investigating with like minded investors as many of the issues the three of you brought up are things I’ve wondered myself (e.g., allocation of gold to uranium). For now I’m letting my precious metals investments run because I think uranium will be stuck for another 1-2 years.

In the meantime, I haven’t been selling and believe this period of time will be viewed as a great buying opportunity 6 months from now. That little dip last April was hardly a correction. But these last several months have been a typical, healthy correction within a bull market and nothing to lose sleep over.

Personally, I don’t have the time to follow and trade individual stocks because of work and family commitments, so I invest through GDXJ. I keep a large core holding of GDXJ that I don’t trade because I believe the big returns will happen by holding on for the next several years. I also “goose” my returns by buying JNUG when GDXJ is low (bought some last Friday), and then protect my reruns by buying JDST when GDXJ is overbought. It’s a simple strategy to avoid doing a lot of research and trading but still gives me the feeling I’m doing something to take advantage of the volatility.


Hey Jay, you should do more video chats and interviews!