On A Pullback, Buy Only The Best Gold Stocks


Gold and gold mining stocks have been surging of late, but like everything else out there, what goes up must come back down, eventually. Since peaking at over $1,280/oz, the spot price of gold, at the time of writing, is now $1,235/oz, down 3.5% in just a matter of days.

For the patient investor, this most recent decline could spell opportunity, especially if a deeper retracement is experienced in the near-term. Gold mining stocks are inherently linked to the spot price of gold, but tend to be even more volatile than the yellow metal itself.

Thus, the following “blue chip” gold stocks, (which should do particularly well once the gold rush resumes its course), are continue reading at Seeking Alpha

Photo Credit: Endeavour Mining

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Jonny Pean
4 years ago

I was recently researching on the prospects of the leading stocks in the market (which made me come across your blog at the first place). This will be a lot of help. Thank you!