Portfolio Update: Building My Positions (December 31, 2015)


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all jazzed up and as excited for 2016 as I am! I’ve got some BIG plans for this year, which I will start addressing in future posts. Anyway, as 2015 drew to a close, I used the very last day of the year to add some more gold mining shares.

Yesterday, I purchased 3,000 shares of B2Gold (BTG) @ $1.01/share. BTG is one of my favorite mid-tier gold producers, so anytime the share price dips to around ~$1.00/share, I get pretty interested. I now own 15,000 shares.

Moving into 2016, I must confess that I am a bit uncertain with how I will proceed as it pertains to adding more mining shares. My current portfolio is valued at $240,000, and I’ve contributed over $255,000… When is enough, “enough”?

Honestly, I’m not too certain… But I’m getting awfully close… I think.

Most likely, I’ll focus on hoarding more cash in 2016, and although I do intend on adding more mining shares, I’ll probably be a tad more selective, and the frequency between purchases should start to diminish, relative to 2015.

As always, I’m still learning as I go, so we’ll see…

Here is a breakdown of the current portfolio as of year end:

December 31, 2015:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 8.31.24 AM

I’m currently down about 6%, and $14,626.92… That’s actually not too bad! During the Depths of Despair, the portfolio was probably in the RED by $40,000

What can I say?

Mining stocks are extremely volatile…

If you can’t stomach the pain, well, you probably shouldn’t be speculating in this sector!!

These stocks are definitely NOT your typical, stable “Buy and Hold Forever” type of investments…

Will 2016 be the year mining stocks FINALLY start their recovery? Since almost everyone and their mother thinks “No”, I’m going to take the other side of the bet and say “Yes”.

No, I don’t expect any type of explosive upward momentum, but by year’s end, I’m guessing my overall portfolio will be worth more than its current market value, today.

If I’m wrong, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the portfolio slashed downwards by another 20%, or even 50%… If that were to happen, hopefully I’ll still have the conviction to keep right on buying through the storm…


But most importantly, I think 2016 will be the year I start to transition away from “investing all the time”. Yes, investing is an addicting hobby, but all along, I’ve always believed that it’s just a “means to an end”.

Early FI has ALWAYS been the main objective.

With each passing day, I think I’m getting closer and closer to that most coveted, underlying goal. Perhaps I did take a few steps back in 2015, but I did so with the mindset that I’d be willing to “sacrifice” some short-term progress for hopefully much more substantial gains in the long-term.

Again, we’ll see…

In any event, early FI/pretirement are definitely in the cards in my near-term future… Perhaps as early as 2016, I will decide that it’s finally time to hang up the cleats and try something new…

New Beginnings…

And as I transition away from full-time wage slavery, I think it will be a natural progression for me to start giving back to the early FI community that has been so good to me…


I’ll touch on the exact details in a later post, but these are just some of my early thoughts…


I want to help other Freedom Fighters achieve the same (or more) success that I’ve had over the last few years…


My dreams are close to becoming a reality…


It’s time to give back and help others reach their goals!


Happy New Year!

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4 years ago

Happy New Year Jay! A lot of people are likely envious of your overall portfolio numbers (including myself!). This is definitely in the “not too bad” category for the mining world. 🙂

So many good posts since I started following your blog in 2015. Whether you talk more about mining shares or early-FI, lots of to look forward to in 2016. Oh, and I’m excited to hear the details on your “2016 transition” in a future post. 🙂


4 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Wow, so unexpected, thanks so much for the little promo! Yes, looking forward to more great talk in 2016. Oh, and I love it that you’re pumping out the podcasts! Just saw the 2nd episode was posted, will check that out by the end of the weekend =)


Financial Samurai
4 years ago

I love that you don’t care that your portfolio was down $40,000 at one point! Great risk tolerance!

Rock and roll baby!


4 years ago

“Since almost everyone and their mother thinks “No”, I’m going to take the other side of the bet and say “Yes”.”

here is a good read for you:

4 years ago

Not sure I have the conviction to go into the mining sector as full force as you’ve gone, but I think your rationale is sound.

Thanks for detailing all your steps and thoughts as it makes it a lot easier to follow along.

Good luck in 2016!

Alexander @ CashFlowDiaries

I have been reading for about a month now nothing but information on what is going in with the precious minerals sector as well as what a lot of analysts think will happen in 2016 in regards to this sector. Based on what I am seeing I am definitely leaning that 2016 will be the year the rally starts. Many analysts think we are at or very near to peak bottom now which is a great time buy. At the end of the day it is all speculation but when this does start to rally and it will one day.… Read more »

Justin @ Root of Good
4 years ago

I’m very very intrigued by the precious metals stocks that have all been smashed the last few years. It seems like an obvious contrarian play to pick up some PM/miner stocks at these prices but I can’t quite pull the trigger. 🙂


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