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FFF Podcast – Episode 7 – Derek Iwanaka (First Mining Finance); Changing Sentiment

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Welcome to another episode of the Financial Freedom Fighter Podcast! This episode features returning guest Derek Iwanaka, Investor Relations at First Mining Finance.

In this episode, we discuss: changing sentiment in the gold space, First Mining’s most recent acquisitions, outlook for 2016, and previous “top picks”.


Full Disclosure: I am a current shareholder of First Mining Finance (FFMGF/FF.V).

Learn more: First Mining Finance

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The opinions and views expressed on this podcast are solely that of the guest/host and should NOT be misconstrued in any way as financial advice. We are NOT responsible for any losses, damages, or trauma you may incur in your own investing. Always consult with a certified professional before making any financial decisions.


Record Date: March 25, 2016


Thanks for tuning in!

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