April 2015 Net Worth Update

Summer is fast approaching and that’s just fine and dandy with me; I’m a warm weather guy and looking forward to spending more time out in the sun. So far, this has been a year of transition for me, and I’ve had a lot of time to think about my next moves in life.

Although I can’t ever say that I’ve got everything figured out, I’m going to keep doing my best to continue moving forward in the right direction; financial independence is within reach, and I’ve just got to keep hustlin’!

Net Worth

Here is where my Net Worth stands at the conclusion of April:


Month-Over-Month: (+$16,682.90)

Here is a breakdown of assets:


Here is a breakdown of debts:


Cash and Credit Cards

I currently have $7,942.11 stashed away in my checking account ($10,485.92 previously). Cash was down again this month as I transferred funds to my brokerage account and emergency fund.

I owe $306.43 in credit card debt.

I have $41,000 hidden away for a rainy day, or for future investment opportunities.

Total: $48,635.68

Month-Over-Month: (+$3,373.54)


I owe the following loans:

Rental Property #1: $325,265.71
Rental Property #2: $328,661.58
Rental Property #3: $114,732.98
Rental Property #5: $123,650.30

Total: $892,310.57 

Month-Over-Month: (+$1,101.45)

Rental Property #4 is owned outright and there is no loan associated with it.

Side Hustle Loans

Rental Property #SH 1 (25%): $387,999.38 ($96,999.85) 
Rental Property #SH 2 (25%): $386,591.47 ($96,647.87) 
Rental Property #SH 3 (50%): $404,495.45 ($202,247.73) 

Total: $1,179,086.30 ($395,895.44) 

Month-Over-Month: (+$1,028.94)

My portion of the Side Hustle loans are accounted for above. My partnership stake in each property is shown in the ( ).


I currently own stocks in my taxable brokerage account. My other investments are in 401k and Roth IRA.

Current 401k: $4,883.66
401k: $132,727.95
Roth IRA: $61,101.40
Brokerage: $102,225.21

Total: $300,938.22

Month-Over-Month: (+$11,178.97)

Investments are up slightly this month. I used about $10,000 in capital to purchase 50 shares of Celgene (CELG) and 100 shares Starbucks (SBUX).


Here are the values of each property, based on my own estimate:

Rental Property #1: $460,000
Rental Property #2: $450,000
Rental Property #3: $157,500
Rental Property #4: $95,000
Rental Property #5: $180,000

Total: $1,342,500.00

Month-Over-Month: (+$0)

For properties, I will refrain from updating the values each and every month. Instead, I will review and re-assess quarterly, to allow sufficient time for the market prices to stabilize.

My last re-assesment was March 2015. The next property assessment is scheduled for June 2015.

Side Hustle Properties

Rental Property Side Hustle #1 (25%): $520,000 ($130,000)
Rental Property Side Hustle #2 (25%): $560,000 ($140,000)
Rental Property Side Hustle #3 (50%): $490,000 ($245,000)

Total: $1,570,000.00 ($515,000.00)

Month-Over-Month: (+$0)

My portion of the Side Hustle equity is accounted for above. My partnership stake in each property is shown in the ( ).


The total value of all assets now checks in at $2,207,380.33, an increase from last month ($2,192,745.17). I also owe $1,288,512.44.

Net Worth saw a decent increase this month, but nothing spectacular. We are continuing our slow and steady march to the ever coveted $1,000,000 mark. To get there, I will need the markets to keep cooperating; hopefully we will arrive sometime later this year!

It’s been a wild and crazy ride. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine the possibility of becoming a millionaire at age 30. It just goes to show that hard work, dedication, and a bit of luck along the way really does pay off.

Let’s keep at it; to bigger and better days ahead!


Fight On!


2015 Net Worth Summary:

April 2015: $918,867.89

March 2015: $902,184.99

February 2015: $771,405.52

January 2015: $785,811.26


2014 Net Worth Summary:

December 2014: $781,996.44

November 2014: $763,680.73

October 2014: $716,124.37

September 2014: $702,618.90

August 2014: $724,476.61

July 2014: $718,780.24

June 2014: $693,514.01

May 2014: $665,115.97

April 2014: $633,456.43

March 2014: $598,435.05

February 2014: $557,154.47

January 2014: $586,137.08


2013 Net Worth Summary:

December 2013: $569,022.97

November 2013: $542,725.46

October 2013: $527,010.49

September 2013: $444,860.79

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Debt Hater
5 years ago

Nicely done! That’s a significant increase in net worth over last month. And since you didn’t re-evaluate your properties yet, that means that it was a gain without even factoring in any property value appreciation.

Income Surfer
5 years ago

Nicely done Fighter. More important than the net worth, I know from previous posts that your cash flow is getting very healthy. That will be a key if you decide not to go back to a stressful corporate gig. Where are you looking for your next investment?

5 years ago

Wow — you’re so close to the 7-figure net worth! Amazing journey… keep on fighting!


Gen Y Finance Guy
5 years ago

Hey buddy,

Where did most of the $16K increase come from? Would be cool to see month over month changes to see where your net worth is increasing.

Keeping marching to that double comma club 🙂


5 years ago

Looking good FI Fighter! Getting closer and closer to the million net worth milestone!

Dividend Hustler
5 years ago

You’re doing awesome FIF. So much potential still bud. Still so young. Clarity will come to you and I know you’ll push onwards towards greater things. Keep it up. You’ll doing fantastic. Cheers my friend.


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Even Steven
5 years ago

That’s great to see the balance go up and up each month as it gets closer to a million. Does the 1mm in real estate balances scare you at all? I guess I’m asking about your risk meter. I’m guessing because so much equity is built up that factors in as well.


[…] April 2015: $918,867.89 […]


[…] April 2015: $918,867.89 […]