April 2014 Net Worth Update

We are now 1/3 of the way through 2014, which means that more travel adventures are just around the corner! April marked the start of new journies (post Hawaii), as Seattle was the first place I’ve flown to since Oahu. In May, I’m looking forward to touring the East Coast for the first time and checking out Boston. I’ve always wanted to visit historic Fenway Park, but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to secure a ticket to a Red Sox game… well, without overpaying too much, anyway.

Let’s get to the net worth update for April:

Net Worth

According to Mint, my net worth is currently $633,456.43. This represents an increase of 5.85% from last month ($598,435.05). I’m still using Zillow’s Zestimate to determine the value of my properties.



I currently have $3,718.75 stashed away in my checking account ($8,154.41 previously). Since I didn’t make any stock purchases or buy another rental property this month, you’re probably wondering where all the money went!?!

No, I didn’t go on a spending spree in Seattle… Those travel hackers can only influence me so much… 😉 Rather, I used April as an opportunity to pay down some of my loans (see ‘Properties’ section). Further, Uncle Sam took a HUGE cut and basically nulled out my entire ESPP distribution that I got from work this month. That was a real bummer, especially since I ended up owing more in capital gains than I had budgeted for (thanks mostly to TSLA). This was a big reason why I elected to re-start my 401k contributions this month. I want to lower my taxable income as much as possible!

Other than that, I’m still shuffling some funds (not much this month) into my emergency fund account and trying to build that back up to a decent level. By the end of the year, I would like to have $40,000 in cash reserves… I’m starting to doubt whether or not I’ll be able to hit that number… I’ll still do my best!

Well, hopefully I can get back on track in May. I would still like to purchase an additional rental property sometime later this year.


I owe the following loans:

Rental Property #1: $227,519.67
Rental Property #2: $227,484.89
Rental Property #3: $116,542.98

Total: $571,547.54


I currently own no individual stocks. My only investments are in 401k and Roth IRA.

401k: $109,448.95
Roth IRA: $53,887.26
Brokerage: $4.65

Total: $163,340.86

Investments are more or less the same, and holding a constant value. They are increasingly slightly since I’m now investing back in my 401k again. Last month ended with investments valued at $161,017.78. I keep track of my retirement accounts, but the monthly variations, and overall performance mean very little at this point in time.


According to Zillow, here are the values of each property:

Rental Property #1: $463,106.00
Rental Property #2: $402,068.00
Rental Property #3: $153,962.00
Rental Property #4: $85,824.00
Rental Property #5: $156,382.00

Debt: $33,561.84
Rental Property #4: $63,925.18
Rental Property #5: $125,696.01

Total: $1,038,158.97

Rental Property #1, as always, is fluctuating again this month. For April, it’s down 4.9%, checking in at $463,106.00 and coming in much lower than last month’s value of $485,779.00. Rental Property #2 is finally starting to surge up, rising to $402,068.00 this month, an increase of 10.4% from last month’s value of $364,275.00. The other rentals are all up as well, but just slightly.

As mentioned above, most of my cash this month went towards paying down my debt, or second loan for Rental Property #5. I knocked off about $10,000 this month, and will keep making efforts towards eliminating this loan as quickly as possible. I still owe $33,561.84. Just like last month, the ‘Properties’ tab is again registering over $1,000,000. Nice!


The total value of all assets now checks in at $1,428,401.61, an increase of 1.6% from last month ($1,405,944.19). I also owe $794,945.18. April was kind of a rough month, but now that tax season is behind us, I’m looking forward to accelerating the progress again. I hope to have enough funds for another downpayment hopefully by the end of June. We shall see!

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FI Pilgrim
6 years ago

Always incredible to read your updates, great job. It’s tough when taxes hit like that, but it usually means you’ve got some great income coming in!

Jason @ Islands of Investing

Wow – it’s amazing seeing that $1 million figure for your properties, and fantastic that you’re planning to keep the momentum going with another potential purchase!

Have a great trip to the East Coast! You live in a pretty awesome part of the world – there is so much to see in the US (Australia is just soooo far away from everywhere – including the US which I love visiting!)



No Nonsense Landlord
6 years ago

Don’t sweat on the value of the properties too much. Each property i still worth ‘one’ property. If you sell, you have to subtract about 10% for commissions and fees anyway…

Cash flow is more important.

Regarding taxes, have you ever considered moving away from CA, to a less tax intensive state? I am making the consideration about moving out of MN, and I have the cold weather too.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

It’s still amazes me how quickly you built up to $1.4M in assets. Uncle Sam took a bigger bite this year that I thought because we had a lot of moving parts that I thought were accounted for but apparently weren’t. I’m glad to be done with that for another year.

6 years ago

Why did you decide to pay down some of your loans this month? I thought you were mostly against paying down rental property loans?

Dave @ The New York Budget

End of June is when I plan to start looking again as well!

Great updates – I hope to start my own on my blog at some point this summer!

6 years ago

It’s great to see these update. What do you feel when you finish writing it? Must be a great feeling! Cheers!

The First Million is the Hardest

Another solid update! I second JC, it really is incredible how quickly you built up over $1mm in properties. Enjoy your trips, you’ve certainly earned them.

Even Steven
6 years ago

Any concern about being heavy in real estate or not enough in another area?

A Frugal Family's Journey

$1 million property portfolio…congrats on reaching that milestone! Great accomplishment considering it looks like almost half of it is equity. The best part about your rental is that someone else is helping you build your equity. Way to go…I wish you nothing but continued success!

Stefanie @ The Broke and Beautiful Life

Definitely walk the Freedom Trail in Boston. It’s great and free!

J. Money
6 years ago

You just jumped up a cple spots on the Blogger Net Worth Tracker 🙂


And you’re exactly $398 away from jumping up to the next one too! Congrats brotha!

6 years ago

Keep up the updates!

In some of your previous posts you mentioned that you were in talks with a turnkey company that sold properties in the dallas area. Are you still looking to make a trip down there? how is that going?


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