I’m 28 Years Old, Control $1,000,000+ in Assets, and am $578,740.76 in Good Debt!

Gold piggy bank on money

How’s that for a summary of my current financial status? Don’t let the numbers scare you, I’m still saving as aggressively as ever. Yes, the debt is ballooning… but I’m not worried. Unlike congress, I’ve got everything under control! In fact, it’s all going according to plan.

The Assets

Although I am not quite near being ready to retire just yet, I am making progress and headed in the right direction. I haven’t posted an update regarding my net worth in quite some time… mostly because everytime I check it on Mint.com it shows my debt balance being more negative than the last time! 🙁

Since I first started my real estate investing journey, I’ve been borrowing more and more money to fund each transaction. Even though my total balance owed is increasing, the corollary is that the total value of my controlled assets is also rapidly rising.

Here is a breakdown of assets:

401k and Roth IRA:   $143,070.50
Stocks:                     $12,162.66
Rental Property #1:  $400,000
Rental Property #2:  $400,000
Rental Property #3:  $160,000

Grand Total: $1,115,233.16

Stocks are actual values as of closing on July 26, 2013. Rental Property numbers are what the appraised value would most likely be today (somewhat conservative estimates).

And how much they pay me:

401k and Roth IRA:   $240/month
Stocks:                        $0/month
Rental Property #1:  $2090/month
Rental Property #2:  $2150/month
Rental Property #3:  $2050/month

Grand Total: $6530/month or $78,360/year

Using gross numbers, my yearly yield is 7.02%. This is pretty good, considering my stocks (TSLA) are currently paying me $0 in income.

The Debt Numbers

Obviously, if I was actually receiving $6530/month in net cash flow, I’d already be retired and relaxing on the beach! 😉 But because I’m borrowing so much money, that’s not the case. However, here’s a quote I truly believe in:

What you owe today, you’ll be worth tomorrow.”

Like planting a tree, it’ll take many years before I can harvest the fruit. All in due time. I know if I put in the work now, I’ll reap all the rewards later. The sooner your start the journey, the better off your future self will be.

Here are the scary debt numbers:

Rental Property #1: $230,507.99
Rental Property #2: $230,107.77
Rental Property #3: $118,125.00

Grand Total: $578,740.76

These debt numbers might seem daunting at first. And they definitely eat into my returns since the mortgages are so high. But that’s just temporary. As readers are well aware, I’m a huge fan of leverage because I believe it’s what will ultimately set me free sooner rather than later. Even better, even though I’m on the books for more than half a million dollars (yikes), ultimately, I’m not going to be the one to pay it back! This monumental task will be distributed amongst my current and future tenants.

And really, that’s what sets real estate investing apart from all other investment vehicles out there. To become wealthy, you MUST own valuable assets. Anyone seeking to become wealthy must partake in an arm’s race to acquire as many valuable assets as possible. Leverage will allow you to become wealthy over time as you gain more and more control of ownership over each piece of asset that you own. Eventually, with full 100% control, you will owe zero debt. That’s when the real fun begins!

Cash Flow

Even with all this debt, my rental properties are all cash flow positive. After all payments, my net cash flow looks as follows:

Cash Flow:

401k and Roth IRA:   $240/month
Stocks:                        $0/month
Rental Property #1:  $460/month
Rental Property #2:  $330/month
Rental Property #3:  $620/month

Grand Total: $1650/month or $19,800/year

For rental properties, numbers were calculated without factoring in reserves for vacancy and maintenance. So, these numbers are more optimistic than conservative. Still, my original early FI target was just $1500/month, so it looks like I’m pretty close to reaching my original goal (need to exclude 401k + Roth IRA cash flow). Before I exit the rat race for good, I’d like to be at over $2000/month.

Next stop, Rental Property #4! Let’s do this!

And in closing, my net worth is now… *drumroll*…

Net Worth: $536,492.40

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7 years ago

Congratulations! The speed of your property accumulation is quite impressive. Quibbler that I am, a lot of the net worth you are stating seems to be based on unrealized appreciation. For property 1, you purchased it for 315K and are valuing it at 400K. While you may be one of the few who is realistic, just about everyone who purchases properly tends to say pretty quickly that it is worth a lot more than the purchase price (often justifying it using appraisals). I am generally skeptical of them until a sale happens, though if appraisal based, as I suspect your… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Thanks for the response. Did you initially buy either of rental 1 or 2 to live in? If not, what led to you buying them-pure cashflow investment decision or other factors. If I understand correctly 1 and 2 are local and 3 is out of state. Is 3 the only one that you bought turnkey?

The Stoic
7 years ago

Impressive FI!!

I’m enjoying keeping up with the progress in your real estate investments. Keep the updates coming!!

Compounding Income
7 years ago

Wow that’s a nice cash flow you have there! The net worth number is meaningless you mentioned. I don’t know why people are obsessed with it. I think it stems from foolish people getting into debt then looking at it in reverse when it’s paid off.

You’re a tycoon in the making. Have you stopped the 401k and IRA yet? Why wait 31.5 more years to see the money, you’re getting close my friend!

Dividend investing Martin

Fighter, I don’t think you will go wrong. If you manage your cash flows carefully, stay frugal, save aggressively you will get rewarded tremendously (and I want you to be my friend, because you will be very rich). You are buying your properties still fairly at the bottom or near to it. I believe that in 5 or 10 years from now (if not sooner) all those properties will gain a lot of equity, which can provide you with a great cushion. So if anything goes wrong, you will be able to sell with gain. As I know you so… Read more »

7 years ago

It’s so cool to see your net worth number at last 🙂 My place would probably appraise for $50k more than what I have it set at in my net worth, but I’m leaving it at purchase price so that I won’t take a hit of the closing fees on my net worth when I sell… I’m curious to see how the next few years pan out for you since we’re taking such different paths to FI! I don’t know about your stock investments, but mine ran up quite a bit this month. It’s insane how much my 401(k) is… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  Leigh

P.S. When I saw the $536,500 net worth number I went and checked my forecasting spreadsheet and I think I should hit that around age 27 or so 😉

7 years ago

I love that quote. Great job on letting your tenants build wealth for you. That is an impressive cash flow already, well done!


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7 years ago

Nice going on the asset accumulation. Like you I’m not averse to using leverage to accumulate income producing assets, though $576K sounds like a pretty big number :). I think the greatest amount of debt I’ve had was about $250k on my stocks a few years ago. The good thing with property is that there are no margin calls to my knowledge, so you can afford to just sit and ride it out and let your tenants keep paying off your debt.

7 years ago

Have you had any RE problems? I only ask b/c 20k per year of cash flow today (I know that isn’t what you are focused on) doesn’t seem worth it for the headaches that have to come with 3 properties? Or maybe I am just showing my wuss ways lol


[…] $444,860.79. This is quite a bit lower than the $536,000 I estimated the last time I calculated a net worth report. However, this time I’m using Zillow to value my properties, whereas last time I estimated […]

6 years ago

I’m a little new to your blog, but so far I’m enjoying the content. Can you elaborate a little on your end goal. Is the plan to replace your income with cash flow from rentals, investments, etc?

My track is to have the cash flow equivalent to my salary with no debt, this will be done with 2 rental properties, small side business, investments will be treated as my Retirement Bonus at age 60. Like your plan mine is growing as I am as well.

flipping strategy
6 years ago

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