January 2013 Net Worth Update

There isn’t much progress to report this month, in regards to net worth. Actually, my net worth decreased by about 22% this month, as I was forced to liquidate the majority of my dividend holdings to fund a downpayment for Rental Property #2.


Up to date, I’ve been tracking net worth as a way to measure the total value of all stock holdings (Roth IRA, 401k, taxable portfolio).

I don’t include any equity I’ve built up in investment properties. So, in that sense, the 22% drop this month in net worth isn’t a true representation of what’s really going on with my investments. I’m merely shuttling funds from one investment vehicle to another, not burning cash on an expensive yacht.

Here are the transactions from January:


17 shares of Cummins Inc (CMI) for $112.92/share
20 shares of Air Products and Chemicals (APD) for $88.16/share
153 shares of Exelon Corporation (EXC) for $29.97/share
45 shares of Emerson Electric (EMR) for $55.09/share
51 shares of ABBV for $36.87/share
39 shares of CVX for $115.00/share
41 shares of PEPSICO INC (PEP) for $72.41/share
51 shares of ABBOTT LABORATORIES (ABT) for $32.66/share
29 shares of CONOCOPHILLIPS (COP) for $59.27/share
80 shares of PROCTER & GAMBLE CO (PG) for $69.87/share
100 shares of NORFOLK SOUTHERN CORP (NSC) for $66.87/share
23 shares of MCDONALDS CORP (MCD) for $92.77/share
25 shares of WAL-MART STORES INC (WMT) for $69.54/share
17 shares of CATERPILLAR INC (CAT) for $97.20/share
141 shares of CSX CORP (CSX) for $22.06/share
14 shares of PHILLIPS 66 (PSX) for $56.69/share
25 share of BP P L C SPONSORED ADR (BP) for $44.14/share

Total (including fractional share sales not shown): $46,647.34

Net Worth Update:

Roth IRA: $38,086.94 (+6.20%)
401k: $81,035.21 (+6.37%)
Taxable: $22,500.81 (-205.02%)

Total: $141,622.96 (-21.64%)


Lost in the sea of selling is the progress the stock portfolios made in January. The markets had a nice bull run to start the year, so the 401k and Roth IRA are up quite a bit this month.

I’m now 31.47% of the way there towards building a $450,000 portfolio. Once the loan for Rental Property #2 is complete, and the place is rented out, I should be able to live rent free from here on out. Removing my largest expense will do wonders in helping me stuff more money into my brokerage account to buy more stocks.

So, this short-term setback is just that – one step back now, so that I can take two steps forward later. Hopefully the net worth will explode upwards as the year progresses. I’m looking forward to that day! 😉


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7 years ago

I love seeing how big your 401(k) is! Mine should break the $50k marker in another month or so, which I’m pretty excited for. Looks like yours could hit $100k this year if you max it out, possibly? I’m jealous of your Roth IRA – mine is going to be stuck at ~$10k in contributions for many years since I don’t want to do backdoor contributions.

Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin

One step back in order to take 2 steps forward. This time next year I bet you’ll be laughing at the situation. All the hard work in order to secure the cash for that second property will have been well worth it.