Portfolio Update: Adding to My Best Ideas (October 20, 2016)


With the initial JORC resource due to be released sometime next week and shares languishing still, I had to use the opportunity to top up my position in Birimian Limited (BGS.AX/EEYMF). I added 16,835 shares @ A$0.34/share. I now own a total of 468,000 shares.

With Birimian Limited, the company is sitting on a world-class, high grade spodumene deposit in Mali. I have no doubt that shares will be re-rated to fair value after the initial JORC resource is published. The company’s exploration target is 15-18Mt between 1.8-2.2% Li2O.


No, I don’t expect the market to get things right in the short-term (how often does that ever happen?), but at some point, I’m certain that investors who are looking for a quality lithium play will turn to this name since it’s not only best-in-class, but it’s also currently trading at a substantial discount to its peer group (e.g. Altura Mining; AJM.AX).


Not to pick on Altura, but Birimian has got a much higher grade project which should also be very competitive in terms of size (we’ll find out next week)… So, I’m looking at AJM.AX as a barometer of what “fair market value” might possibly be. Obviously, Altura is much further along, which explains that hefty A$166 million market cap, but Birimian has only just begun drilling its lithium project, so the sky’s the limit for this puppy to keep on growing and growing.

From Birimian Limited.


The lastest drill results at the West Zone (open along strike and at depth) produced some staggering hits (e.g. 82m @ 1.64% Li2O):

From Birimian Limited.


From Birimian Limited.


Anyway, readers all know that I’m super hard-headed anyway, so if I’m gonna go down, I’m going to do so swinging…

What can I say? I bet big when I have full conviction in my absolute best ideas…

Plus with Birimian, investors are getting lithium AND gold!

Learn more about Birimian below.


As always, please do your own research and due diligence before making any kind of investment decision.


Fight On!

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i will be averaging down as well come monday cant wait for next week now if you were to see the stock pop would you take profits or you in it for the long term.

Michael Bond
Michael Bond

If you get a chance email me mate!


I read your post on when to sell gold, a bit premature for lithium, what would the catalyst be to sell in the coming years? On uranium what should your readers be looking for before deciding to back up the truck?


I think uranium , past couple days, hit $20. The corresponding equities did not really move down much today, given that new low. A prolonged $15-$20 range in spot may be whats needed to get anyone out recently got in expecting a quick turn around. EFR has some paper coming free in , what…3 months ? I am looking to double down myself…timing……haha.


Buddy it has been a while. I am glad to see your consistent strategies on mining play. Good luck!


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