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As readers of this blog may be well aware, one of the hottest stocks out there right now is Novo Resources (NVO.V/NSRPF). The company, led by Chairman Quinton Hennigh, is out exploring for gold (and lots of it) in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

The gold rush is on, and it seems on a daily basis there’s a lot of news flow hitting the wire, whether from Novo Resources or from one of the many plethora of junior companies also on the hunt for conglomerate gold.

Wits 2.0, people are describing it as…

And if these companies can eventually unearth a new discovery anywhere close within the vicinity of the size + grade + economics of the original Witswatersrand (South Africa), look out!


The potential gains for shareholders could be: explosive, off the charts, and one for the record books… if everything works out!


With that said, because there’s so much going on and so many moving pieces and so much ummmm geology and geospeak behind the story, naturally, it’s just very easy for a retail investor (layman) such as myself to get lost in the details…

I mean, check out the following map, for instance…

Unfortunately, I don’t recall where I got the above image from, or I would properly cite it (update: John from HotCopper I’m being told; thank you!)… but look at the sheer number of companies rushing in to stake land!

Holy cow!

So, yeah, it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed and not know how to proceed with things… I mean, sure, we could all just decide to throw “blind darts” out into the wind in hopes of getting lucky…

Or perhaps there’s a better way?

Readers know full well that I’m all about getting properly educated on a subject (whatever subject you’re considering dabbling in), which is why I recommend anyone who is interested in mining stocks, or in this case Wits 2.0, join chat forums such as CEO.CA and HotCopper, and interact with the knowledgeable users on there…

With all that said, at this time I’d like to put a plug out there for my buddy Erik who runs The Hedgeless Horseman website…

As far as retail investors go, Erik is at the forefront of researching into Novo Resources and all the Wits 2.0 “nearology” plays, and quite frankly, he spends far more time and effort on this than anyone else I know…

Like, I seriously don’t think the guy sleeps at all… To say that Erik is obsessed with Wits 2.0 would be a huge understatement!

And I don’t mean that in a bad way at all…

We’ve chatted frequently about mining stocks before in the past, but never to the same level of detail and scrutiny that Erik’s going into with Novo now… I’ve just been blown away with all the stuff that he’s been finding on a daily basis, and he’s really a natural born detective…

Over the months, I’m sure he’s come up with a ton of interesting and useful slides (that he’s compiled for himself as he performs his own research and due diligence)…

Recently, Erik decided that it perhaps was worthwhile and a good time to share some of these findings with the rest of us!

The Hedgeless Horseman just put out his first “insider” release:

Now, why am I writing all of this?

As you can see from the comment above, Erik isn’t exactly earning a “killing” through traditional advertisement means, and for all the: hard work, blood, sweat, and tears he’s putting into his Novo research, I would argue vehemently that the man deserves to be compensated for his efforts!

Quite frankly, in the Game of Rocks, there are just way too many bullshit “pump and dump” scam artists out there who really have no fucking integrity at all and are simply out to make a quick buck… at the expense of the unsuspecting retail investor (like me!)… They will feed you whatever garbage necessary to get you to buy into their crap…

I really can’t stand that shit, so it’s very refreshing for me when I do have the good fortune to come across good people in the sector…

On the other side of all that slime, you’ve got honest people who are putting in real effort to try and gain an edge in the game…

Erik’s too humble and unassuming a guy to “pimp” his own work… no matter how high quality it is (which it is IMHO, and worth the price of admission)… So, I’ll help do it for him… but don’t just take my word for it (see below):

From CEO.CA.

Look, Novo Resources is an early stage spec and this story (along with the other Wits 2.0 plays) are not meant for every type of investor/speculator out there… There are no guarantees of success! I’m only sharing this opportunity for anyone else who is enthusiastic about the upside potential here, wants to learn more, and understands the high risks involved in the event that the Wits 2.0 story does not work out (i.e. fails to meet the market’s growing expectations)…. But in any case, if you are interested and want to read some insightful findings (that to my knowledge can’t be found anywhere else on the web), please consider donating $25 USD to Erik to gain access to his exclusive insider content.


The link can be found again here.


Full Disclosure: I own shares of Novo Resources. I talk to Erik on a regular basis, but I do NOT receive compensation in any way, shape, or form for his insider work. This post is my own doing, and not some kind of “coordinated attack”. Please do your own due diligence and research, ALWAYS, before investing/speculating.


Fight On!


Photo Credit: Novo Resources

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2 years ago

Fifighter, the hot sector is blockchain. I’ve made all my money back (lost in PM) plus a bit more, in just the last 10 days.

2 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Good! I look forward to reading about your thoughts on all of this.
Don’t wait too long, things seem to be moving so quickly in this space!

2 years ago

I’ve got most of my funds in MU right now, but looking to get into the beaten down metals sector and crypto space as soon as I close some trades and free up some cash.

Hopefully things don’t get too out of hand by then, this January, or maybe I need to consider dumping some DGI stuff that’s run up to free up some capital…hmm something to think about.

Thanks for the great content Jay, and I’ll have to check out the Hedgeless Horseman site.