Inspirational Film of the Week (October 01, 2016)

Lately, I’ve been talking a lot about timing the markets and staying disciplined — Refusing to participate in a marketplace where I can’t locate Deep Value plays.

Trust me when I say, it is NOT popular right now to be sitting on the sidelines… Almost everywhere you turn, you will find investors who are preaching dollar cost averaging (DCA), rain or shine, despite any potential headwinds and/or valuation concerns.

The other day, I was on the train and had my iPod on shuffle, and the following commentary came on… I first listened to this podcast earlier this year (back in early February), but I believe the content is just as applicable (if not more so) and valuable today.

Here it is — Seal the Exits!: The Coming Cashless Society | MWC 2016

The McAlvany Weekly Commentary series is one of the best out there, and perhaps even my favorite listen; I always look forward to tuning into a new show, each week… David and Kevin discuss topics and share viewpoints that you’ll never get from the mainstream media.


  • For anyone who is into topics such as: precious metals, contrarian thinking, monetary history, Central Banker policy stupidity, and wants to go against the grain, you’ll really appreciate the content found here.


Buy and Hold Forever is all the rage right now in the investing world, but it is NOT the only answer!


The above podcast was a good reminder for me that Deep Value Investing is indeed a viable investment strategy that has proven to work before in the past… Perhaps it feels like the “wrong” thing to do right now, because hardly anyone else is doing it, but rest assured, DVI ain’t nothing new!


The section discussing negative interest rates (near the end) and how it actually encourages saving (and NOT more consumption as the Central Planners all want us to believe), is some good stuff!


Fight On!

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3 years ago

Thanks for sharing, Jay. Will have to check it out later today. You and I have discussed offline plenty of times that how most investors these days are not paying attention to the valuation. It looks like a recipe for disaster tbh. Valuation should also play a role in business and investing. I agree with the point at the end — that negative interest rates will not make ppl spend more money…it will eventually drive people to hoard cash/gold and lead to bank runs. The central bankers are already pushing to a cashless society to get around that problem —… Read more »

Mrs. Picky Pincher
3 years ago

Mr. Picky Pincher subscribes to this way of thinking more than I do, but it was still good to have a resource to understand this approach better. While I think it’s important to be self-reliant(ish) and prepared for economic collapse, I’m committed to using the dollar!