Inspirational Posts of the Week (May 19, 2015)

I usually save these inspirational posts of the week for a weekend, but I’ve compiled a string of incredibly motivational stories that I felt like I should share with everyone. If you weren’t a believer before, here’s some more “proof is in the pudding” stories for you! Real estate investing has served me well, and has been most gracious to the following people:

Story #1

It has been 8 months since I left my job and…..

Brie is an investor based in Chicago, and started buying rental properties in 2011. Since that time, she has quit her job in Corporate America and is now going full time in REI. At the time of this post, she said she had 48 units? I’m guessing that number is much higher now…

In this more recent post, she recently cleared her investment goal of $35,000/month in gross rental income (yikes, that’s a lot!). Now she’s at 59 units? Wow…

Go Brie! You are a rockstar and inspiration to many in the REI community!

Story #2

I quit my job today

Glenn is an investor in Iowa and was able to acquire 21 properties and between $10,000/month to $15,000/month in cash flow before walking away from his day job. He even made the move to cash out the 401k to purchase 11 properties! Looks like all the moves have worked out well for him! Congrats!

Story #3

How I Acquired 18 Units (& Quit My Job) 2 Years into Buy & Hold Investing: An Interview

Brandon is an investor from Ohio and in two short years has been able to buy and rehab 13 properties. He’s now raking in $6,250/month in cash flow and busy acquiring more doors. Of course, Brandon is a full time investor these days!

Story #4

Make $1M in 12 Months (Real Life of a Real Estate Investor Year 2)

This thread documents Wendell’s goal of hitting $1MM in gross profits in just ONE year through joint ventures with other BP members. I’m always fascinated by the different strategies folks are utilizing to realize their dreams. If anything, I’ve learned to think big and keep my mind open to infinite possibilities.

Story #5

Success through BP: 3,000th Post: 4 years, a Summit, $1MM+ in RE, 1 wholesale probate deal, 8 rehabs, 1 master lease, 50 Airbnb guests, & 100 tenant headaches later..

Another thread that hits close to home — I know J. Martin, and the fact that he is kicking butt as a local Bay Area real estate investor just motivates me further. He’s only 30 and has done tremendously well for himself already. With where he’s at, it’ll only be a matter of time before he’s also hitting REI full time… if he hasn’t made the move to do so already.


So, regardless of whether you’re investing in the Midwest, or along the coasts, the following links above show us that succeeding in real estate investing and becoming financially free is possible ANYWHERE in this great country. You can win investing for cash flow. You can succeed investing for appreciation. Or, you can attempt my own strategy, and try to work both angles…

Yes, it will take some sacrifice along the way. Yes, it will a ton of hard work. But the proof is in the pudding! Real estate investing works and many, many people all around you are now financially free because they elected to start playing the game of real life Monopoly.

Not to be forgotten in this thread is another successful real estate investor and frequent commenter on this blog, Eric (No Nonsense Landlord), who is just about ready to call it quits in corporate so that he can sail off into the sunset and enjoy some fun in the sun (with drink in hand). Or maybe he wants to stick around In Minnesota? Regardless, he’s got the freedom to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants! All thanks to real estate investing!

You have all motivated and inspired me greatly in my own quest to financial independence! For those readers who are on the fence, or perhaps thinking about investing in real estate, I would encourage you the most to read some of these success stories; they will no doubt add more fuel to the fire. There is no magic formula (or secret sauce), of course, but many who have succeeded started from very humble beginnings.

To me, it’s just clearly evident that the American Dream is still alive and well TODAY. If you believe in yourself and have the audacity to dream MASSIVE, the sky’s the limit!


Fight On!

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No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

Thank you for the mention. It’s getting awfully close, just passed the 400 day mark… In 2008, I would never had thought it possible, and now it’s just wondering why I need another year.

Keep going, keep building, keep your vision.


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