Inspirational Posts of the Week (April 05, 2015)

It was another busy week for me, and the fun isn’t over just yet. I have some more showings scheduled for Rental Property SH #3 today, so that’ll consume a good chunk of time. Although I’m eagerly looking forward to wrapping up this project (and securing a wonderful new tenant), I gotta say, I’ve really enjoyed the ride along the way.

When it comes down to it — I LOVE real estate. Whether it’s trying to win a deal, negotiating terms, buying materials for renovations, actually working on the house itself, or even trying to get the property leased up, it’s all still 1000x better than working as an engineer in a cubicle or lab environment. With real estate, I get to call the shots, go at my own pace, and be my own boss. I can’t emphasize enough how much I LOVE this stuff…

Enough said, here are some inspirational posts from this past week:

Dividend Update – March 2015 by Passive Income Pursuit

JC has always been an inspiration, and it’s great to see the progress he’s made in his investment career over these past few years. The March haul brought in close to $750 in fully passive income. Overall, dividends collected in 2015 are over $1,300. Great job!

Becoming a Millionaire Is a Letdown by Mr. Everyday Dollar

When I was a young kid, I thought that if I could ever get to a net worth of $1MM, I would be all set for life. Back then, I pictured a cool million bucks buying a mansion with maid service (and a butler like Geoffrey) and a few nice cars to stash the garage. As I approach $1MM myself, I can’t help but realize how far detached reality is from that old daydream of mine. To get to $1MM takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice!

I definitely agree with Chris that the key to amassing gains (net worth) is to focus on the big wins. Cutting coupons and dumpster diving will only get you so far… To really accelerate progress, you’ve got to not only clamp down on spending, but find ways to invest money to help it compound.

Chris claims that the act of becoming a millionaire is rather anti-climatic, but I’m sure it’s got to feel pretty cool inside! I can’t wait to get there myself… Hopefully sometime this year, or next! Building up that type of nest egg can do wonders for peace of mind, I’m sure. In fact, I’m already in the beginning stages of planning for my Life After Cube…

Ownership Isn’t Real, We Rent This Life by Frugaling

I can never have enough reminders telling me how short and precious this life really is. It’s true, as Sam states in this article, that we don’t really ever own anything because life itself is finite. We are all on borrowed time, so it’s important to make the most of it! Time is our most precious currency, not $$$.

Apartment Turnover and Other Maintenance by No Nonsense Landlord

Eric is a seasoned landlord and knows how to handle a tenant turnover like a pro. Check out his shiny new floors! As a landlord myself, I can always learn a thing or ten from someone who’s been very successful in the business for many years.

Side Hustle #1 – TADTOY: A Mobile App by The New York Budget

Who doesn’t love a good side hustle? Dave’s a funny and creative guy, so I get a kick out of reading up on his latest ideas. You need to check this one out to believe it… As a software guy, I’m sort of kicking myself for not exploring the mobile app space, especially when smartphones were just beginning to blow up on the scene. I wish Dave and his company all the best with this latest side hustle!

What you focus on expands – positive approach to life by Tawcan

Life is short and we need to maximize it. One way to do that is to focus on taking a positive approach towards life, as Tawcan explains. In many instances, your thoughts become your reality. I’m taking this to heart as I work on overcoming my own problems. In my own case, I do my best to tell myself that I’m slowly getting better, one day at a time.

Outlook for April 2015 by Roadmap2Retire

Roadmap2Retire is a savvy investor who is a great resource in the world of divided growth investing. Check out his picks for the month of April. I picked up a few shares of Amgen (AMGN) recently, as he helped put that stock on my radar. We are now in the same boat with that one, so let’s hope there’s a boatload of dividend growth in the future to reward us! 🙂

March 2015 Passive Income by My Dividend Pipeline

Here’s another passive income update from a dividend investor who’s crushing it out of the park. Over $2,000 in the month of March for MDP! For many ERE folks, that’s more than enough to call it a day at the office, forever! Wonderful and inspiring progress, no doubt.

A Case Against Frugality: Why Pinching Pennies is NOT the Best Path to Wealth by Bigger Pockets Blog

Love this article and I share many of the same viewpoints. The rich think differently than most and see money as being in abundance, as described by Brandon. I’m all for frugality, and it’s a key component in building wealth, but definitely, utilizing our time to grow our investment streams is the best way to go about it. In my own day-to-day life, sure, I’ll pick up a free penny off of the ground, but the remaining 99.9% of my efforts are being spent on researching into the next deal.

You can only be so defensive in your savings game, but your offense can have UNLIMITED growth!


Until next time, everyone!

Fight On!

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5 years ago

Thanks for the mention, FIFighter. I am sure we will be happy with the Amgen pick. The company has already hinted at a big pay raise this fall similar to last years’s 30% dividend increase. The company is also on the doorstep of another blockbuster drug, so if that works out….we could see continued growth in the stock!

Hope you are having a good weekend.

No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

Thank you for the mention! Lately it has been cash flow, maintenance and turnover posts. There is a lot more financial information that will be posted over the next several months, as I wind down to leaving my full time job.

Dave @ The New York Budget

Thanks for the shoutout! It’s definitely been fun and an amazing learning experience so far!

5 years ago

Thanks for the mention and thanks for putting together these inspirational posts.

Gen Y Finance Guy
5 years ago

Thanks for putting the list together. I definitely missed a few on your list that I need to go check out.


5 years ago

Awesome list. Always nice to get more reading to grow my knowledge.