Inspirational Posts of the Week (December 15, 2013)

Those real estate articles are coming soon, I promise! I’m a bit behind with things, thanks to Game of Thrones Season 2, but I just finished the finale last week, so I should now be good to go! I only have the 49ers game to distract me today… That, and I need to make a quick trip out to pick up some more Vanilla Reload cards again. 🙂

In other news, work has been slowing down as of late, and this next week should be especially slow, thanks to Christmas being just around the corner. I have like three company luncheons scheduled for next week, so I’m actually looking forward to going to work (for once). It’s also nice to know my vacation to Maui is almost within arm’s reach. I’m really burned out… and still running on fumes and coffee to get me through.

Enough rambling, let’s get to the good stuff!


Not many of us have a money tree (or ticket oak), so we have to work extra hard to reach financial freedom. However, all of us possess something else to help guide us along the way. If you put your luck making machine to good use, amazing things can happen. Justin did, and was able to retire at 33! Give it a try and see for yourself…

Get Rich With Real Estate: How To Value Real Estate In Any Market by getting a rich life

I’m a real estate guy and extremely bullish on riding this investment vehicle to financial freedom. Likewise, so is Charles and he wrote a great article on how to value real estate in any market. Properties in the nicest areas won’t meet the 1% rule, but are still worth buying if you know how to buy right. Everyone’s greatest fear is what to do if the housing market goes bust again… Buy right, and you can protect your downside (as much as possible).

How I’m enjoying “pre FI” benefits by Get Financially Integrated!

I’m someone who believes you don’t have to sacrifice today while building for a better tomorrow. Once the passive income starts rolling in, you might be surprised by how much less stressed you are at work. You might also be taken aback by how willing you are to give up pay raises for peace of mind. Integrator has built up a substantial safety net, and now has the freedom to pursue what he wants. Ain’t it wonderful to not have to live in fear?

The purchase that makes you go “meh” by Reach Financial Independence

Many of us who want to reach financial independence ASAP will do our best to reduce expenses. However, skimping on every item we buy may not always be the best idea. Pauline’s recent experience teaches us that instead of thinking about just the total cost of something, we should focus on the cost per use! What good is it to save a couple of dollars on something that you’ll end up never using?!?

This reminds me of some of my own experiences… I used to buy “cheap” guitars and ended up replacing them every year because I got tired of the tone, or wanted something more sturdy. The last acoustic guitar I purchased was for over $1000… but I might NEVER need to replace it. It was money well spent!

Net Worth Update – November 2013 by Passive Income Pursuit

Take a look at that net worth progress and tell me it doesn’t look just like the green line here. It’s amazing what one person can accomplish when they put their mind to it! PIP’s net worth is now above $300,000, and even more impressive, the total value of assets is right at $500,000! That 80% savings ratio is unheard of as well… Keep up the great work!

Goal Achieved – $5000 in Dividend Income by All About Interest

Here’s another investor who’s sticking to his plans and smashing through his goals. AAI has now reached $5000/year in passive income, or $416/month. Not one to rest on his laurels, next year’s target is to double that! Shear madness! This guy is a MACHINE!

Is the Stock Market in a Bubble? by Dividend Ninja

2013 has been an amazing year for investments. Whether you decided to invest in stocks, index funds, real estate, bitcoin, etc. almost everything has had a huge run up this year. When times are good, people tend to get greedy. Those who were around during the Great Recession know to approach investing with a certain degree of caution. This article is a good reminder on why it’s so important to buy right! The markets will eventually pull back, they always do… No one is telling you not to invest when the times are good, just make sure to also remember to consider what may be around the corner…

MACD by Dividend Mantra

Who doesn’t love a good deal? Jason’s latest purchase, although not stock related, might be the mother of all purchases this year! Check out his latest killer investment which should pay dividends for many, many years to come.

FI 101: Two Stages Of Debt by FI Journey

I love a good visual aid, and here’s an interesting new way of visualizing financial freedom. If you want to be financially independent, work on becoming “debt free”!

Evaluate Your Spending To Lead A Fuller Life by The First Million is the Hardest

I don’t budget anymore, but it’s definitely important to know where your money is going! Figure out what’s most important to you and cut out the rest of the excess. Life should be about balance, so don’t cut out the things that bring you so much joy… even if they cost money. Jay reminds us that the journey to financial freedom doesn’t have to be all about sacrifice. Like him, I like to travel and experience things like live music. You are allowed to have some fun! Just be responsible about it…

My Goal Isn’t to Retire Early by Leigh’s Financial Journey

Not everyone is out to retire early so that they can unwind on the beach sipping on pina colada all day long in the sun… But even if you don’t mind working, and want to stick around at your job for awhile longer, it doesn’t give you an excuse to be financially irresponsible! There’s no reason you can’t enjoy today while saving for tomorrow. Leigh isn’t someone who pinches pennies, or “sacrifices”, but still manages to save 80% of her net income in the process. She’ll most likely become financially independent before 30… Amazing! And this was never the main objective…

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Dividend Mantra
6 years ago

FI Fighter,

Thanks for including me.

Sounds like many of the people on this list are making incredible progress towards their financial dreams. Great stuff. Very inspiring!

Hope you’re enjoying your weekend.

Best wishes!

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Thanks for the mention!

Maybe I should change the color of my NW to green. Lots of great articles to check out as there’s some that I missed during the week. I’ll definitely be checking out the real estate article and I’m patiently waiting for your series. Get on that already! My blogging suffers when I’m at home thanks to Sons of Anarchy. I never watched it before but started binging when I’m home through Netflix. Have a great rest of the weekend!

Justin @ RootofGood
6 years ago

Thanks for including my post! I hope your Luck Making Machine runs in full overdrive!

6 years ago

Thanks for the mention! I always enjoy your commentary to people’ posts and the wide selection of FI posts 🙂


Thanks for the mention! See you at the FI finish line

Pauline @RFIndependence

Thanks for the mention! I didn’t make it past season 1 of GoT.. but watched all Breaking Bad last month, that was a huge time suck!


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