Inspirational Posts of the Week (November 17, 2013)

This past week was exciting — I finally closed on Rental Property #4. In addition, I attended a REI meet up and got to meet some local investors. Finally, I was in contact with a few investors, scattered throughout the country and shared some of my experiences with “buying the first property”. It felt good to help others out, which has sort of been my theme this week.

Here are some great posts from around the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

Another one bites the dust… by Passive Income Pursuit

Passive Income Pursuit celebrates two years of blogging! He has written over 400 posts in that timeframe and not only continues to build up his blog, but also his passive income stream. Looks like things are going extremely well, and I am happy for all his success! Can’t wait to see the progress made over the next two years.

Don’t Tell Jason Fieber He Can’t Retire By Age 40, Professor by The Conservative Income Investor

As many of us know, there is a certain dividend investor out there who is probably more dedicated and committed to the journey to early financial independence than anyone else. Jason, over at Dividend Mantra, has an ambitious goal of getting to the promise land by 40. I’ve been following his blog for about two years now, or basically right at the time I started blogging myself. This guy has been a model of consistency, and if anyone can reach early FI through disciplined investing, it’s him!

5 Steps To Successfully Monetize Your Blog by frugaling

It’s amazing how much money some folks make off of blogging. This is a really good post on how to get started. I do agree that the monetary benefits should not be the primary reason why someone starts a blog. Truth be told, I actually make close to nothing on this blog. I make more money in two hours of my day job than I do in a whole year off of this site. 🙂 So, money is obviously not my main motivation. Still, at some point, it wouldn’t hurt to earn a little scratch for all the hard work I put into this site. Sam’s post is going to show me how to get started.

European trip update: Portugal by Reach Financial Independence

Pauline has updated pictures on her latest trip through Portugal. Looks like a beautiful place, and somewhere I’d like to visit someday in the future. Pauline lives an awesome life, and has totally inspired me to travel more. She’s living proof that this is all possible, if you want it badly enough.

Extra Mortgage Payments: Math vs. Comfort by Retire Before Dad

Retire Before Dad debates a very important topic — do you want to pay off the mortgage sooner, or use the savings to invest elsewhere? Sometimes, it’s not all about the math because you can’t put a price on peace of mind. This is an interesting topic, and the final decision ultimately rests on your comfort level and risk tolerance. I don’t believe there’s a definitive right or wrong answer. For myself, I’m more of a risk taker who wants to leverage out to the max, so I can accumulate more assets. Still, it’s helpful for me to see things from another perspective.

Update – November 2013 by Pay Off My Rentals

Another real estate investor who’s working diligently to pay off the rentals! The journey started in July 2010, and the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to emerge. Very inspiring stuff!

FJD-Facebook Jealousy Disorder by Student Debt Survivor

Oh, Facebook… are you really helping people connect more… or are you really just making people feel inferior in their own lives? When Facebook first came out, I thought it was the greatest idea ever. It was even cooler b/c at the time, only college students could register. You felt like you were part of an exclusive club. Over the year… yeah, I don’t know anymore. Seems like more and more people are just on there to boast about how awesome their own lives are. What’s your take on this?

How I Went From Broke to $4,600 / Month in Passive Income By Age 28 by Afford Anything

If anyone is doubtful that real estate investing can lead to financial freedom, please see this guest post by Brandon Turner from the Bigger Pockets community. I am a huge fan of both Paula and Brandon, and this is a post definitely worth reading. For myself, I’m aiming for $3000/month in passive income before calling it quits from my 9 to 5. Brandon was able to clear $4600/month at the ripe young age of 28. Amazing motivation!

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KK @ Student Debt Survivor

Congrats on rental #4! We’re hoping to buy rental #1 in the next few years. Thanks for the shout-out. I also started my facebook profile when only college students could join. I remember spending hours putting together a profile. At the time I probably had 10 “friends”. What a time waster.

Sam @
6 years ago

You’re too kind! Feel fortunate to be including in this list.

All the best,

Retire Before Dad
6 years ago

Thanks FF for including my post. Have a great week ahead.


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Clarisse @MakeMoney Your Way

Thanks for including Pauline’s post! And congratulations on your new Rental Property # 4!

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Thanks for the mention!



I was doing a little catching up and was surprised to see the mention of my blog. Thanks!

I appreciate the weekly inspirational posts and have found more wonderful blogs that will help me stay inspired!

Keep up the great work.