Inspirational Posts of the Week (November 09, 2013)

Man, was it a busy week this past week! I flew back into town from Chicago late Monday night, and was back in the full swing of things by Tuesday morning at work. I’m just glad the work week is over, and I can now kick back and relax a little.

In other news, closing for Rental Property #4 is scheduled for next Tuesday (November 12) afternoon. This process has been dragging on for over a month, so I’ll be very relieved when it’s finally over!

Here are some great posts from around the blogosphere this week. Enjoy!

Income Update – October 2013 by Passive Income Pursuit

Passive Income Pursuit continues to crush it from both an income and savings perspective. Not many people are able to combine such offensive firepower with a 80%+ savings rate to boot. Looks like early FI is in the cards for sure!

October Recap by Compounding Income

Compounding Income was able to earn $400+ in passive income in October. Another dividend investor who continues to make outstanding progress in building the cash flow. Let’s wish him all the best as he gets set to deploy to Afghanistan.

October 2013 net worth update (+2.0%) by Leigh’s Financial Journey

Another high income earner who’s lightyears ahead of her peers, Leigh has now built a net worth of over $300,000. The mortgage is also disappearing at a rapid rate. Great job!

Dividend Income Update – October 2013 by Dividend Mantra

A model of consistency, Dividend Mantra is a diligent saver who is always putting his capital to good use. By staying the course and making sound investments, he was able to rack in ~$250 in dividend income this month. This covers 13% of expenses, which is awesome since the income was earned passively.

Learning From Your Coworkers Who Cannot Retire by Retire Before Dad

Oh, the corporate workplace… there’s so much you can learn from your co-workers. 😉 I always figured, if they really knew so much about finances, then why are they still here after age 40? Retire Before Dad discusses a very important topic in his post — health. For those of us who sit in a cube for 40+ hours each week, it’s definitely not the healthiest of lifestyles. If you want to enjoy your retirement, you MUST take care of your health. I couldn’t agree more.

Financial Lessons I Remember Learning From My Dad by FI Pilgrim

Sometimes father knows best. FI Pilgrim goes over some important life lessons, not all involving money. He’s right, there’s more to life than just that paycheck. It’s also important to pass along what we’ve learned along the way so that the future generations will avoid making the same mistakes.

What are Business Development Companies? by Pulling Ourselves Up Financially

High yield is important to most of us income investors, but a lot of us also don’t want to take big risks, so we stay invested in solid, large-cap blue chip companies.Pulling Ourselves Up Financially discusses business development companies as a possible alternative. Previously, I had never heard of them, so this was all brand new to me. Great summary!

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FI Pilgrim
6 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the post, thanks for the shout-out!

Laurie @thefrugalfarmer

Am loving your site!! Looks like some great reads here. Your story and others like it motivate us tremendously, as we are starting on the FI journey late. Thanks for sharing!

6 years ago

I totally agree with you on “Retire Before Dad”! I see so many people working in their 40s and I don’t want to be them. I tend to tell people that I don’t want to be working at 50, but that seems fairly reasonable to most people. I don’t say that I don’t plan on working past 30.

My updated plan on the mortgage is to pay it off by the end of 2015, so two more years or 3.5 years total! I have a feeling it’ll come in a bit from that as well 😉

Thanks for the mention!

Retire Before Dad
6 years ago

Great list here. Thanks a lot for including my post.


6 years ago

Loved the post by Pulling Ourselves Up Financially. I have been researching BDCs pretty heavily for about six months now, and have held PSEC for almost a year. I think they provide a great subset in any dividend portfolio as a means to generate significant cash flow to reinvest in other holdings or other assets in general. You will find some of the “better” BDCs are well positioned to capitalize on rising interest rates as their leverage is at a fixed percentage and their investments are variable to follow the rise in rates.


My journey is a little bit different than most of you here, but an important jouney none the less. I’m excited to report that I’ll have the first of three rentals paid off by the end of next month. Nearly 50k since January of this year. Then the next domino should begin its tumble until all $177,650 of rental real estate has been paid off. My additional $1,476 p/month of rental income.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

Thanks for the mention! I never really understood how some people with high incomes complain about how they don’t have any savings. There’s really no excuse for it, just stop spending money. I just hope to reach FI sooner rather than later by combining a high income with high savings. Hoping to join you in the RE market next year.

Dividend Mantra
6 years ago

FI Fighter,

Thanks for including me in a great roundup. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

Best wishes.