The Real Battle Continues (Day 52)


In the last post, I talked about how awesome life is and how much I’m enjoying my time off due to my regained freedom. Of course, like most things, there’s ALWAYS two sides to the coin… a yin and a yang, if you will. I guess you could say that my preference is to try and keep things positive as much as possible, but the reality is, things are never quite as simple as they might seem on the surface….

I’m still struggling with my health, and I’m doing my best to get all that corrected. Recently, I received back my latest round of blood tests, and the results show that I have low free T3. I wouldn’t say I have hypothyroidism exactly, but I do have many of the symptoms associated with it. It’s still uncertain at this point, but my issues are most likely a combination of many things: thyroid, adrenal glands, immune system, etc. I haven’t been tested at the neurotransmitter level yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if those tests unearthed even more problems. I can feel many problems, so I know that the deeper we probe, the more we will discover.

My naturopath doctor is reluctant to pigeonhole me into any single classification, as he’s seen many patients, and knows that the body is a very complicated machine. I’ve got a lot of issues, and we are going to try and work through them one at a time… In the meantime, I’ve been prescribed some natural desiccated thyroid, which are thyroid glands from pigs dried up and ground into powder. This is supposed to give my own thyroid a boost and help provide the support it needs to get better. As always, I’m going to hope and pray for the best; I could definitely use a shot-in-the-arm, as health progress has stalled in the recent months. I’ve tried many things, and they’ve all failed to work up to this point. But when one door slams shut, I have no choice but to try and navigate my way towards finding another one…

From a nutrition point of view, I’m doing absolutely everything that I can (to the best of my abilities) to follow and adhere to a strict, healthy diet. I’m not a nutritionist, so of course I could be overlooking some things, but I’m certain I could be eating a lot worse too! It’s been two months, and I’ve managed to stick to the following guidelines:

  • No dairy (outside of probiotic products like yogurt and kefir which contain minimal lactose).
  • No processed foods.
  • No gluten.
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • No caffeine, stimulants, drugs, etc.

It’s not always easy to resist temptation, but I do what I have to do… When I go out with friends, I bring bottled water and don’t order anything… sigh. I have to eat my food before going out…

Here’s what a typical meal looks like for me these days (everyday):



I’ll admit, it’s not always easy to eat like this all the time, but I’ve gotten very accustomed to this diet. I also don’t season my food, outside of just adding some sea salt for flavor. The focus is really on eating dark leafy vegetables, and minimizing inflammation. The kefir contains 10-12 active live cultures which is needed to rebuild gut health and help the body repopulate with good bacteria.

When it comes to energy levels, that’s still really unstable and some days are better than others. At this point in time, it’s sort of a mixed bag… Yes, the reduction of stress has made a huge difference, but I still have a long ways to go in my recovery. I can be impatient at times, which is why it’s good for me to reach out and talk to others who have experienced the things that I’m going through. My doctor thinks that I’m aiming too high, and thinks that I need to be more patient with things; he estimates it will take 1-1.5 years before I’m fully recovered…

What I’m going through has been an accumulation of residual damage, spanning about 7 years. To expect overnight miracles is simply asking for too much…

Anyway, I just thought I would share with readers some of the finer details of my recovery process. Again, there’s a lot more that’s happening behind the scenes than I choose to reveal on this blog, or with other people, in general. Just like with the last post, I’m going to do my best to put a positive spin on a situation, regardless of how bad things might actually be in reality… For certain, it’s not all roses and sunshine, though… Life is always a lot more complicated than what we make it out to appear!

I think having the right (positive) mindset is going to be key for me to overcome this problem, so I’m going to stick to that. As an outsider looking in, you might say things like: I’m a phony, weak, can’t handle stress which EVERYONE has to deal with, etc.

And that’s perfectly fine… Everyone is entitled to their own opinions… But I would just like to add this point:

Everyone is fighting a hard battle. Don’t be so quick to judge someone else until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes…

Life ain’t easy… I’m in constant pain all the time. And although I could sit back and wallow in self-pity (everything I’ve tried for the past 7 years has failed to fix my affliction), I’m not going to do that. This whole situation has been a blessing because it has given me the rare gift to fully appreciate the fragility of life. I’m stronger now because of this struggle… I’ve completely lost the ability to take life for granted; I savor all the simple pleasures that I get to enjoy everyday. I am thankful for everything that I’ve got because I know that it can all be stripped away in the blink of an eye…

Even now, I would gladly give up all my success and everything that I’ve accomplished thus far to get back the body I once had when I was 22!!

So, cherish every breath that you do get! Be grateful for what you’ve got because there are millions of other people out there who’ve got it worse than you do. Stop wasting time on the petty and focus on the good stuff.

Life is very much worth living. Keep up the good fight! I sure as hell ain’t going to quit…

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Chasing The Points
5 years ago

Wishing you the best, feel better!

5 years ago

Sorry to hear that you aren’t making quite as much progress as you’d like. But the body is an amazing thing. One thing I’ve learned with our son being in the hospital is that your body will tell you when it’s ready. There’s been several times where the doctors have pushed him a little too far too fast and he ends up having a bit of a setback. But once it’s ready it’ll tell you.

Best of luck!

No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

Keep working hard at becoming FI. At this stage, healthy or not, you are at a very high risk of losing everything. If your job goes away, and you cannot find one quick, it may be a problem. You should be making backup plans in case the bottom falls out financially.

5 years ago

I’ve got hypothyroidism. 90%+ of the time you don’t really think about it… until you run out of meds, or have to switch to a different brand (China doesn’t have Synthroid). Then you notice. And it sucks to have that on your mind.

Keep up the good fight man. Enjoy the good days. Bright days lay ahead.