Goals, Goals, Goals (December 31, 2018)

No beating around the bush and sugarcoating anything — I had a most dismal/miserable/pathetic 2018 and am looking most forward to saying good riddance to such a shit year.

Granted, it’s all about perspective, though, and there’s really no use in dwelling about things too much… especially stuff from the past.

What has happened, happened…

Now I just gotta accept it, and fight on for a better tomorrow.

From a “glass is half full” perspective, I do feel very blessed and fortunate to have also experienced some really good fortune in 2018, despite all the woes.

I’m in a good place right now… backed by even better people in my life.

Don’t cry me for, Argentina blog readers…

Anyway, still, as we wrap up this year (I’ll be watching fireworks in BGC later this evening, so is the plan at this time of writing), I think now is a good time for me to light a fire under my own ass, and for anyone else who wants to read some motivational material heading into the new year…

From a most basic Google search, I pulled the following inspirational quotes, so here you go…


On the topic of goal setting, here’s mine for 2019:


And I know I’m really behind on the latest newsletter, but I’m doing my best to keep at it… I’m putting in a lot of effort, so I hope readers will enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

Thank You Newsletter #6 is currently sitting at 6,560 words

Anyway, I’ll try and have it completed by the end of the first week of January.


I really appreciate all the: support, kind words, inspiration, from everyone; it truly means a lot to me!


Let’s make 2019 a most epic and spectacular year!


Happy New Year!



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Good one. Wondering if you goal for 2019 is to write an e-book based on your life experiences? Sorry it wasn’t clear from your description. Anyway have a wonderful new year.

Income Surfer
Income Surfer

Happy New Year Jay. (By now I’m sure parts of Asia are ringing it in). I am disappointed in your 2019 goals however. I was expecting to see something about chatting with R2R and I more frequently……or meeting up with us somewhere in 2019. Berkshire meeting in Omaha, FinCon in Washington DC, Denver Startup Week, etc. Just a few suggestions :oP

Good luck and all the blessings


Thank you for your honest and inspiring blog post!


Happy New year Jay!

Hope 2019 works out better for you than 2018 did.


Happy New year Jay!!