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Happy weekend all!


Fight On!

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  • Midwestern LandlordNo Gravatar July 7, 2018, 3:27 pm

    Hi Jay,

    Getting caught up on your recent posts so this comment is primarily related to the turnkey rental problems in Chicago. While I agree, it is never fun to lose money, fundamentally anytime we invest we take that risk. It goes with the territory. Sometimes best intentions don’t always work out. You live and learn. Be happy for all of the good things. Money is not everything. It is a tool, nothing more, nothing less. You have had a lot of investing success. Instead of focusing on the turnkey rental setback, I would look at everything as a whole. If you did not take some risk (investing wise), you would still be working for corporate america. Try not to fall in the trap of having little appreciation for all of the wins and a loss happens and it is unbearable. Keep perspective. You are doing great and if you had to give these properties away you would still be better off then a vast majority of people in this world.

    • FI FighterNo Gravatar July 7, 2018, 4:35 pm

      Midwestern Landlord,

      Thanks for the comment and important reminder. Although my recent turnkey experience was absolutely terrible, I’m doing my best to put that in the rearview mirror and move on with my life. I have sold both Chicago properties but still waiting to finalize the sale of the second one. You are absolutely right — money is not everything; I sold at a HUGE loss to be able to get away from all the headaches, stress, emotional/psychological toll these properties were taking on my health. So, in a way I walked away even worse off than had I been able to give them away for free. I will discuss more once the sale and everything are finalized.

      Yup, definitely win some and lose some. Although I may be frustrated and irate right now, in the big picture, I am blessed beyond belief and everyday I’m thankful for the good fortune I’ve had elsewhere. Absolutely, even with the minor setback, it’s all been totally worth it still and no regrets from me.

      Appreciate the support.

      All the best!

  • Midwestern LandlordNo Gravatar July 7, 2018, 3:39 pm


    I have been dealing with some challenges of my own lately. Costly repairs, tenant damage, long work weeks, etc. It has not been fun. But I know that I will be stronger after I get though it. Character shows through not when things are going great, it shows through when things are tough.

    • FI FighterNo Gravatar July 7, 2018, 4:38 pm

      Sorry to hear about the recent challenges you’ve been facing. I can definitely empathize there since I know all too well what that’s like…

      Hopefully everything works itself out and you can get through this rough patch in short order.

      I’m sure you will emerge from this stronger and better than ever before!

  • DarkNo Gravatar July 8, 2018, 4:40 am

    Yeesh, twitter is such a bad platform for expressing complex thoughts.

    • FI FighterNo Gravatar July 9, 2018, 3:36 am


      LOL tell me about it! πŸ˜‰


  • FundamentalAnalysisNo Gravatar July 9, 2018, 7:09 am

    Quite the contrary sir, you’ve just got yourself a new twitter follower.

    As long as some or all of the seven “deadly” sins shape our mentality, some things will never change. Only the journey towards self realisation can help provide clarity where one acquires the ability to see the truth beyond the facade. This isn’t just about investing/speculating but in all aspects of life.

    Keep up the good Truisms. There are plenty more to add!!

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