Hong Kong – Typhoon Nida (August 01, 2016)

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Well, I can’t say it ain’t exciting? Oh boy, this is a… new experience for me. Typhoon Nida is approaching HK as we speak…

From South China Morning Post.

The Hong Kong Observatory raised the number 8 storm signal on Monday night as Typhoon Nida edged closer to the city.

This means gale or storm force winds are blowing at sea level at sustained speeds of up to 117km/h, and gusts of more than 180km/h.

At least 124 flights scheduled for Monday and Tuesday were cancelled as the storm came within 300km of the city.

The Observatory warned that Nida would near the city on Monday night and Tuesday morning, meaning winds would start to strengthen significantly around dusk.

“People should be aware that the weather will deteriorate rapidly after sunset. There will be squalls, heavy rain, rough seas and the possibility of flooding in low-lying areas,” Observatory scientific officer Shum Chi-tai said.

“If Nida hits Hong Kong directly or skirts just to the south of the territory, the impact on us will be even more serious, especially if the storm surge coincides with the high tide on Tuesday morning.”

The forecaster warned the public to take early precautions.


This afternoon, at the supermarket, all the supplies were in short supply: meats, produce, water… especially water…


Gotta get stocked up while there is still time… Just waiting for it now…


Be safe everyone!

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Midwestern Landlord
Midwestern Landlord
4 years ago

Never a dull moment. Keep safe from the elements. Hope you are enjoying your new journey even if the weather has been a bit tough. It’s been very hot and humid here too in the midwest which puts a little damper on the enjoyment factor. I guess that is what air conditioning is for.

Throw us a bone at some point and give us an investment property update.

Whitney@Digital Slomads

In my experience, typhoons were never viewed as a “big [scary] deal” in HK. Actually, since businesses and schools shut down for #8’s, you’ll find many students and working people using their day off to go to the mall, karaoke, or the movies lol. But nonetheless, stay safe!