March 2016 Hustle Income


Some people like to call it earning “side hustle” income… Since I’m ummm, retired now, I guess for me it’s really more a “main hustle” kind of thing… But regardless of what you wanna call it, the fact of the matter is — I’m still making a conscious attempt to earn income.

Yup, that’s right… Frankly, I’m not getting too caught up with whether or not I am definitively 100% early FI, or in pretirement or what have you… All that I really do know is this — I have roughly enough assets where I can walk away from a 9-5 career that was no longer making me happy. Truth is, the majority of Americans (and people around the world) will never accumulate as much wealth as I have thus far in my life… Nope, that’s not me trying to be smug or anything like that… The facts are the facts. I’ve been fortunate in life, and I know to count my blessings.

So, I’m just gonna be thankful and happy with what I’ve got… Deep down, I know that greed is limitless and one can chase more and more and more and more for perpetuity… Over the years, I’ve realized that I don’t need $5 million, or $10 million, or whatever other outrageous number you wanna throw out there to be truly happy. To me, most important of all is that I have enough wealth and the freedom and flexibility to do pretty much what I want when I want.

Anyway, like most everyone on this journey has already realized — Just because you’ve “retired” from a career, it doesn’t mean that you bum around the house all day long doing absolutely nothing. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do like to sleep in until 10:00 AM. Oftentimes, I take mid-afternoon naps… But now that I have about 10 additional hours each day to pass the time, there’s still that part of me that wants to work hard and do something meaningful with my time. Lately, that’s involved — writing articles, recording podcasts, guest posts, and keeping this blog updated. And as I’ve always believed, if you’re going to put your heart and soul into a passion, eventually, somehow and someway, the money will follow.

What’s awesome about my situation now is that I’m NOT all about chasing the dollar bills anymore. For the most part, I’m just having fun doing what I love…

Here’s the update for March 2016:

Freelance Writing


I received over 10,000 page views for my gold mining articles. I contributed 6 articles in total, which are shown below:

Klondex Mines – Another Strong Quarter And Year For This Gold Miner

Bear Creek Mining – This Silver Bear Is Starting To Wake Up

On A Pullback, Buy Only The Best Gold Stocks

B2Gold – Fekola Project Fully Funded; Shares Rip Higher

New Gold – Hedging? It’s All About Rainy River

Gold Mining Stocks – Any Bargains Left?


Not too bad, I guess. Honestly, if it was money that I was chasing, I would probably focus my efforts on writing articles on much more popular stocks (NFLX, TSLA, AMZN, AAPL, etc.)… I choose to write about gold mining stocks because I genuinely enjoy researching and studying up on this particular sector. If I wasn’t having fun, I wouldn’t be doing it.



Clearing over $100/month is pretty good for this site. I know this blog isn’t that popular, so that’s obviously something that I’ll need to work on. At this stage of the game, I’ll take it. Long-term, it would be great to get the ad income to about $300/month, if possible. I’m not sure if that’s aiming too high, but you gotta have goals in life, right?

Affiliate Ads


Yup, we managed to sell 1 book using affiliate ads this month! Woohoo, my first sale! 🙂

Similar to the ads, this site just isn’t that popular right now, so I’m not tripping out over this at all. In a perfect world, I’ll be able to boost traffic so that the sporadic sales that do come in will be able to help fund the podcast expenses. That would be awesome, and anything on top of that would be gravy!!



All-in-all, my efforts through hustling netted me a decent first month. Yeah, I know, the overall results aren’t very impressive, and maybe I should be embarrassed, but hey, it is what it is… And as you all know, this stuff all comes secondary to my investment assets, which I worked extra hard to accumulate like a mad man, especially over the last 4 years of this early FI journey.

I’ve got my safety net… Building up this blog is more of a hobby for me. Yeah, it would be great to increase revenue (of course), but you know, this isn’t something that I’m going to stress out over each and every month. In fact, what I’m really looking forward to is my upcoming trip to Hong Kong. So yes, it might take time… I don’t know if any substantial results will come in 6 months, 1 year, 5 years, or if ever…

And I’m ok with that…

If anything, I’m currently close to break-even, or losing money on this blog. I recently signed up for a full year subscription to Soundcloud for $135 and renewed the blog domain and hosting services for another few years… Whatever, I’ll just have to hustle more (and smarter) to compensate.

But if even one reader/follower is getting value from my work, it’s all worth it…

Blog Update

Here’s what I’m most stoked about — I had some conversations with my good buddy Bryan, over at Income Surfer, and my pal Sharon, over at Digital Nomad Quest, and they both recommended some email services to help me improve this site. In particular, Mailmunch and Mailchimp.

Well, in only about a week since dropping Feedburner, the subscriptions to this blog have increased dramatically! I’m now getting more new subscribers registering each week than I used to get in one month!

That’s totally awesome! Thank you to everyone who has recently subscribed, and to all you fine folks who have shared the early FI journey with me over these last past few years.

I’m totally pumped for the future direction of this blog. I know that there will be many, many, many more stories to tell! 🙂

Here are the podcasts released for this month:

FFF Podcast – Episode 7 – Derek Iwanaka (First Mining Finance); Changing Sentiment

FFF Podcast – Episode 6 – Justin (Root of Good); The Post-FI Lifestyle

FFF Podcast – Episode 5 – Alex (Cash Flow Diaries)

FFF Podcast – Episode 4 – JP

The recent uptick in Twitter and Facebook followers has also got me jacked up. Yup, these days, I’m measuring “wins” in ways other than $$$. I love it.

In Closing

When it comes down to it, I’m entering into early FI using Game Genie and cheat codes. If my passive income streams can’t fully cover me each month, I’ve got over $500,000 in liquid funds to dip into… Of course, I would prefer not to have to dip into those accounts/funds, but if I have to, so be it… Should hustling work out and I figure out a good way to monetize my work, then it would be totally awesome to have extra funds coming in each month so that I can keep investing and buying more assets up with the rest of you guys.

But what I’m not ok with is putting out a POS product that I take no pride in… I have no interest in selling you guys any products/services that I don’t believe in myself. That’s BS, and I ain’t going to resort to that shit. F’ck whole life insurance… Go buy some cash flowing real estate instead!


Again, that’s a testament to the power of early FI/pretirement. I have no incentive to sell out.


No scams, no gimmicks, no regurgitated (useless) articles (e.g. “Give up your morning latte to save $5/day and retire in no time!”) that don’t offer anything more than filler…


So, that’s my promise to you!


In the process, I’m going to keep playing the underdog role, since that’s just about the only role that I know how to play. I like going through life with a chip on my shoulder… Always have. Right now, it’s still preliminary, but I would like to work on getting to $1,000/month in Hustle Income. Longer-term, I would love to clear $2,000/month.

That would free up a lot of additional wiggle room for me.


Once upon a time, I made $200,000/year working as a corporate engineer. Today, I make less in one month than I used to make in one day.


In my heart of hearts, though, I feel like I’m contributing way more to society now than I did before in my previous life. So, I’m gonna keep at it. Just like everyone out there who is pushing so hard for early FI.


Bottom line, I’m happy, and that’s what matters most to me these days.


And I’m gonna keep pressing on… you can best believe that much!


Fight On!

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4 years ago

Jay – Lots of great quotes in this article. Here’s my favorite section:

“In the process, I’m going to keep playing the underdog role, since that’s just about the only role that I know how to play. I like going through life with a chip on my shoulder… Always have.”

Love it! Thanks for sharing your stats, and awesome you’re getting more subscribers too! Keep on hustlin’!


4 years ago

Have you thought about doing some fix and flips?

Based on what you have done in the past with your properties, you seen to have a knack for it.

And If you did one at a time, you’d have the flexibility of retirement and fairly low risk if the real estate market crashed.

And you would have the upside of making some money as the SF (or any other city you chose) real estate gets close to peaking.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

I love afternoon naps! They really are the best. Side hustles are great and I really see no downside to them. Assuming you don’t take on any debt to try and start/build your side hustle then the worst case scenario is that you “wasted” time but got to learn things in the process. The upside is that you are building something from scratch with fairly limitless upside in many cases. Plus every bit of extra income is a bonus. Through the first 3 months of the year I’ve earned over $1k from my own side hustle. That’s nothing to get… Read more »

Income Surfer
4 years ago

Great job Jay. I’m glad our conversations have been helpful and that you feel like you’re providing value to society. I know I enjoy reading and discussing things with you. You’re one of the only other deep value investors I know 🙂

Glad SA and advertising have helped boost your side income. I see know shame working a little to bring in some cash. We do the same thing. It’s on our terms and doing things we care about. Just like you. I still call it FI, and I can tell it suits you! Have a great weekend buddy

Brian - Rental Mindset

Set a date for the $1k in hustle income goal! I’m sure there are more affiliates that you can recommend to bring in more income. For example reviewing trading accounts and writing about the one you use.

Brian - Rental Mindset
Reply to  FI Fighter

Here is a good place to start:

Looks like TD Ameritrade, Scottrade, OptionsHouse and TradeKing are possibilities.

Brian - Rental Mindset
Reply to  FI Fighter

Happy to help and excited to see your results. I might copy you in a year or two, once my site has enough traffic!

Investment Hunting
4 years ago

Nice work. Every penny counts.

Dividends With Children

Build the blog as a brand. It is as much of an asset as anything else, one with value that should the need arise can be sold for a decent sum of money in the future.

I’ve barely touched my DWC website because I’ve been laser-focused on side hustle income. Keep on fighting.

4 years ago

Woohoo! It’s going to be fun seeing your online businesses grow 🙂

4 years ago

Great stuff FI Fighter. Saw that you picked Mailmunch over Mailchimp, what’s the rationale behind that?

4 years ago

Nice post!
I totally agree. It’s not about reaching 5-10 million, it’s about freedom and flexibility. And congrats on receiving $411.71 through your hustling! Every little bit counts and you’re doing something you enjoy! Hopefully the income keeps growing.

Dividend Family Guy
4 years ago

Great update FIF. Keep at it and I hope to join you one day. Also thanks for the MailMunch tip.