Everyday I’m Hustlin’… (Almost)


Everyday I’m Hustlin“… I’m trying to take a page out of my pal Tyler’s book, over at Dividend Hustler. I’m not quite as hardcore as he is (really, how can anyone out-hustle THE HUSTLER himself?!?), but you know, I just do the best that I can.

As it pertains to early FI… it’s great stuff, right?

Wake up whenever you want, do whatever you want…

There are no alarm clocks, no bosses to answer to, and for the most part, no schedules and appearances to keep up with anymore.

Life is grand…

But as readers should be able to observe, over the past week, just because someone retires from a career, it does NOT mean that they immediately run off to the nearest beach so that they can just chill out forever and ever after, until the end of time, sipping on pina coladas everyday…

Although that “dream scenario” is of course something that I’m most definitely looking forward to experiencing someday soon (hopefully this summer), there’s more to life than just complete relaxation.

This morning, I woke up, and uploaded a new podcast to the blog. I’d say that’s pretty decent “progress” and “productivity” for a day’s work…


But I dunno, let’s check with the boss and see what he thinks…






OK, just heard back from my “superior” and he’s totally cool with me taking off the next few hours (or even rest of the day) so that I can go hiking outside… After all, the rain has finally subsided and it’s an absolutely GORGEOUS day out in the Bay Area today. He told me, straight up, “Life’s too short. Go make the most of it… So get on out of here and get back to hustlin’ later!


Yes, sir!”, I told him…


I ain’t about to argue with that…


So, I’ll catch up with you all later today.


Right now, I’ve got a date with Mother Nature to attend to:



Alright, this will be the ONE and ONLY time that I write such an obnoxious post like this… I’m not trying to be a wise ass or anything, but in all honesty, this is the stuff that early FI is all about.


Freedom of choice.


Over the last week, I’ve been working pretty hard at diving into blogging, going full throttle. Really, it’s been a blast, and I’ve had a ton of fun: networking with other early financial freedom fighters, writing gold mining stock articles, editing and publishing podcasts, etc.


But bottom line, I need to find the right balance between work and play… No matter how awesome, fun, and rewarding something may be, it’s always important for us to take a step back and remember to maintain balance in our lives.


That’s all that I am trying to get at today… I just don’t want readers worrying about me (although I always appreciate the concerns), afraid that I’m pushing myself too hard yet again (though I’ll confess, it is really tough for me to fight against my natural instincts).


Here’s my overall take — Early FI doesn’t mean you have to work harder than ever before… And on the flipside, it also doesn’t mean that you should become a total bum and slacker, either…


As always, life ain’t black and white… Figure out what is optimal for YOU!


This morning, I’m going to go out hiking so that I can slow down time and enjoy the: sights, sounds, and AMAZING weather.


When I get back, I’ll probably unwind for a bit, and then get right back to writing and publishing more content.


Everyday I’m hustlin’ (almost)…


And I don’t see anything wrong with that!


Fight On!

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Dividend Hustler
4 years ago

Haha FIF. Thanks for mentioning me. You’re at a great spot and even though you’re not in a corporate setting, I’m sure you’re always find ways to build that passive income. It’s all about the cash flow right bud.
Have a great time and find that zen. Take care mentally and physically and everything will come together. Cheers my friend.

Dividend Beginner
4 years ago

Hey FIF,

Happy you’re enjoying the day. You know what I did? Sat at the office and coded… Yep. Would have much rather been on that little hike of yours. Looking forward to seeing what you bring to the blog. Will be checking out that podcast.


4 years ago

I had been slacking off and not reading for a few weeks, then came back to the awesome news. Congrats on your FI!!! Its inspiring!

4 years ago

You talk about having balance… but what about the past decade where ALL you did was hustle? I can imagine that your bosses before would never just let you go out for a hike in the middle of the day. Doesn’t a decade of hustling justify margaritas on the beach? 🙂

4 years ago

This is definitely what FI is all about. This notion of “having a life” on the weekend in exchange for 5 days of wage slave misery, is not the only option for living a productive life. Great post!