The REAL Truth…

I’ve spent a good amount of time on this blog over the past year outlying my strategies, both short-term and medium-term. I guess up to this point in time, I have not yet gone into the details of my long-term plans…

I have hinted on occasion on some of the things that I want to do: real estate agent, online businesses, etc…

But still, those posts were just conceptual in nature, and I have never shared with readers any of the intimate details…

I’m still hashing those out…

With that said, a lot will begin to change over the next few months/years… and I’ve never been more excited for the future! 🙂

I am very much looking forward to sharing the next stages of this journey with everyone!

The Rat Race

The most logical question any reader might want to ask me is this:

Why haven’t you quit your job?

Yes, throughout the last few years, I’ve complained about the rat race openly and repeatedly, again and again.

The truth is, the last job I took on was “the job of my dreams.”

Well, not quite, but in the world of high-tech, this was as good as it gets…

Unfortunately, I really burned out in 2015 and had to take some time off… I was working too hard and pushed myself above and beyond my limits… In essence, my car battery was already depleted (from many years of abuse; burning the midnight oil), and I was trying too hard to try and replicate my former work habits, like when I was 22-23 and just fresh out of college…

It was unfortunate, but you know what, life happens…

Deal with it…

The Last Ride

But just like an athlete who sustains a serious injury, often times, they just don’t want to go out that way… No, I’m not Kobe Bryant, or anything close to that in the engineering space, but just like Kobe, I want to go out on my terms…

When I first joined the new company, they brought me in to innovate and improve their processes. My boss even wanted me to file for some patents, something that I have never done before…

Pinch me, I couldn’t believe this was all real…

So, as much as I’ve grown tired of engineering, this was still some pretty cool stuff… Not to mention, the company I work for is cutting-edge, and one of (if not the best) companies you could ever hope to work for in tech…

However, just like how Kobe feels this season, even when I joined in 2014, I knew that it was just about time to hang em’ up

So, I’ve accepted that I’m not the same engineer that I once was… My body/mind aren’t as productive, and I’ve already sustained a very serious injury…

For this last hurrah, I just wanna go out on my own terms…

Kobe ain’t exactly an All-Star caliber type of player anymore… but he can still play in that game (thanks to the fans)! His stats are terrible (for his standards), he’s taking up minutes that could better be utilized by developing a younger player, and his team is playing for nothing more than a lottery pick…

But despite all that, he’s still doing it, and having a ball…

A big SMILE on his face! 🙂

Perhaps, he’s never had this much fun hooping it up as he is enjoying now…

And I look at engineering much the same way now… I just wanna be able to ride things out on my terms… Produce a patent, mingle with co-workers, and just laugh it all up without a real care in the world…

Because I ain’t scared about what’s to follow…

Unlike most seasoned engineers who check out in their 50’s and 60’s, I have never been institutionalized, and I have insatiable wanderlust…

You want to fire me?

Go right on ahead…

Thanks to this early FI journey, I really don’t give a…

As far as I’m concerned, the “good times” are just getting started!

The Future

I learned a lot from my humbling experience last year… Overcoming a nasty injury ain’t easy…

And although I’ve focused so much on investing/money on this blog these last few months and years, the truth is, I’m quite sick and tired of tracking, and talking about finances so much on a regular basis…

I look forward to the day when I’m blogging about other more interesting topics… Like, which beach in Thailand has the softest sand? What’s the best “hole in the wall” sushi shop in Tokyo? What’s a rock concert really like in Stockholm?

That day will arrive soon…

Right now, I’m just tying up the loose ends, and getting prepared for that upcoming, impending journey.


You Only Live Once Every Seven Years!


Engineering has served me well. I complain a lot, but I am really grateful for that whole experience…


But there are some young “hot shots” that are just desperately trying to knock me off my spot…


They won’t have to; I’m going to gracefully concede to them, and hand over the torch…


And the same goes for early FI and making $$$.


Just like with my younger engineering padawans, there ain’t no hate… They can have my source code, schematics, designs, etc… In fact, I hope that they do someday out-do me…


Anyone who really knows me knows that I like to help people with open arms… I freely share all my knowledge and experiences, just like I’ve done so on this blog for these last few years… In fact, nothing really brings me more joy than meeting up with young upstart investors who are trying to get to early FI themselves… In fact, I have more meet ups scheduled next weekend, and I can’t wait! 🙂

So, that’s another thing I’m looking forward to in the future… Being more generous with my time.

Quite frankly, I really am quite tired of just talking about myself and my own finances all the time… To me, making money was just the starting point to the next best chapters of my life.

Lastly, I will leave you with this quote which I refer to on a regular basis to keep me grounded:



Fight On!

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Midwestern Landlord
Midwestern Landlord
4 years ago

Very cool. All money and financial resources really are at the end of the day is personal freedom. Happiness and fulfillment is a moving target but we at least give ourselves a chance to achieve it when we have more control over our day. It is hard to have control over our day when we are reporting to a job because we need the money. I clearly remember the last 9 months of my job (before FI) when it was obvious that I had the means / was moving toward FI. It was really cool coming into the office later… Read more »

Financial Samurai
4 years ago

Looking forward to the new journey!

It’s worth it to take a step away and explore new things!
4 years ago

Money is a means to an end. The end is to maximise the human experience. Human experience is about connection and love. You get these two by giving. Giving to others, helping them and watching them grow. As part of a tribe we have evolved to take pleasure from helping others, this is what you are feeling.
Not to discourage you but with the market stalling and possible financial troubles ahead counting money becomes much more of a tense issue.
Good luck on your journey.
We (the readers)
Have your back.
4 years ago
Reply to  FI Fighter

Have a look at this, you might find it interesting

I am not affialited to the site, but took the seven hour course and it was worth every cent and minute.

4 years ago

Hey Jay,

Really intriguing posts these last few days! Curious to see where the blog is headed throughout 2016.

Just hoping you don’t plan to throw in the towel on any of your gold stock speculations/investments anytime soon! I’d be sad to lose one of my best sources for mining stock discussions…boo-hoo :*(

But in all seriousness, I will keep following with interest whatever you decide to write about throughout the rest of 2016! Thank you for continuing to be so open with your thoughts and advice! 🙂

4 years ago

Hey FiFighter, what company did you work for in silicin valley? 😀
Organize me an internship for my engineering career 🙁

4 years ago

Sounds awesome. This year should be really interesting – if I end up staying at my current job I’ll have around 6-7 weeks of vacation which should be a really fun time I’ve already been thinking about an east coast trip and Pacific northwest/canadian road trip. If I get the job I interviewed for then I’ll be able to travel a lot more and get paid nearly double my salary to do so for something I would love. So, either way I see it as a win. If I don’t get the job I think I’ll concentrate on searching for… Read more »

No Nonsense Landlord
4 years ago

Patience, my friend…

Keep up with the struggle, keep saving. Working until 50 is still early, although not early enough. Do not bail and wish you were back in. After a few years, it may be impossible too get back in.

4 years ago


4 years ago
Reply to  Rob


No Nonsense Landlord
4 years ago
Reply to  RickA

Odds are, you do not realize how difficult it is to leave the rat race before 50.

Starting your own business makes it easier, but that is also a rat race at times.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. Living on $32K a year in the USA gets old quick… Of course, there is always the public assistance route.

4 years ago

I have been in the middle of politics for a while and nothing else makes me uncomfortable and unhappy about working where lots of politics around.

Life really is short and I really want to stop this nonsense until I have enough to early retire. The time will come for you and me eventually.

Thanks for sharing!


Financial Samurai
4 years ago
Reply to  BeSmartRich

It actually is very hard to leave work for good once you hit your financial target.

It is the one more year syndrome at work.

4 years ago

Awesome quote from the D’Lama. Really interested to see where you’re headed.

4 years ago

I bailed on ag when u did… Seems it likes to bounce from 2.60 to 3.50… Great swing trade… What do you think of SPROTT? Spoxf – rather..

Dividend Beginner
4 years ago

Powerful quote there FI, I really like how you ended this post – how coming up with all this money to achieve early FI is just the beginning of the next chapter. Of course, thanks to early FI the world is our oyster and you can be free from the shackles of work… Man.