The New Job: Two Weeks Completed (October 10, 2014)

Two weeks ago, I started a new job at another high-tech company. Prior to accepting this offer, I was out vacationing around the world in August, and I was getting very much acclimated to the type of life I envisioned early FI would look like…

I won’t deny that I had the time of my life in August; everyday was a unique and incredible experience. So, with all that said, it may seem a little shocking to you as to why I would all of a sudden reverse course and execute a 180 degree turn. After all, I had made an announcement last year about retiring at the age of 30.

Had I not accepted this latest job offer, I might have indeed started the count down to early FI! My last job was dull and monotonous, and I had checked out mentally a long time ago. At the time I wrote the ‘Retire at 30’ post, I was completely burned out with engineering and wanted nothing else but to leave that field behind, altogether.

But, life has a way of throwing curve balls, and as I’ve learned through the years, you have to ALWAYS be adaptable to change… Things won’t always work out the way you planned…

Sea of Change

After two weeks into the new job, I know this much:

Working in my new role might seem like the antithesis to early FI:

  • I’m working long, grueling hours (10-12) everyday, M-F.
  • I have no time to relax, or take it easy.
  • The pace is blistering fast.
  • I’m a part of a results oriented culture where BS is not tolerated.
  • You can forget about asking for days off…

And as a result of all that… I’m loving it and having the time of my life!

Early FI was never about being lazy, or unproductive. To me (and many, many others on the journey), early FI is simply about having the freedom of choice to do whatever it is you want with your time. Early FI is needed to escape wage slavery where you are forced to work a job you no longer enjoy doing.

And so far, I’ve been able to accomplish that. For once, in a long while, I’m actually getting paid to do something that I really enjoy doing.

Here’s what I’m digging most about the new gig:

  • Complete autonomy to direct my work.
  • Collaboration with world class engineers at one of the premiere companies in the world.
  • Creativity is encouraged and change is good. My work allows me to accomplish both.
  • Outstanding resources and benefits — You have everything you could possibly need to succeed.
  • End product impacts millions of people around the world.

So, even though I’m still working for an employer, I’ve found a way to re-ignite my own motivation and drive (which had been buried dormant for years). Waking up early and driving to the office has never been this exciting before…

But regardless of how “great” things are right now, I should be perceptive enough to know that this honeymoon period will end… It always does. What that means is that I need to continue pursuing early FI full speed ahead, unabated.

And I will keep on doing that. Because without FI, true control over one’s life does not exist. This means that I will continue to: maximize savings, invest aggressively, and keep on pushing forward.

So far, so good… I just wish I had more free time to dedicate to this blog…

Fight On!

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Dave @ The New York Budget

Awesome. Very happy for you, bud! I predict that at some point, you may burn out at this job as well. But by then, you will be able to retire immediately. And I doubt you will ever regret taking advantage of this awesome opportunity!

5 years ago

Glad you are continuing to enjoy the new job, even if you are crazy busy. Enjoy the honeymoon while it lasts, because I’m sure you will be able to enjoy the freedom provided by your efforts soon thereafter.

Sindre Farstad
5 years ago

Good to hear you are enjoying your new job. It’s always nice to have fun when you are working. Hope it lasts a while for you.

No Nonsense Landlord
5 years ago

Press on! It looks like you are only working 1/2 days now, only 12 hours.

Goosemann Jones
5 years ago

Hi, FI Fighter.
I’m glad that your first two weeks are off to a good start. I’m new to the blogosphere world and am really enjoying your previous posts. I also started a new job in September and it has also reenergized my outlook on work. While it was tough to leave my previous employer, this new opportunity has been extremely rewarding thus far. Best wishes for continued success!

Goosemann Jones
Flight to Dividends Blog

Financial Samurai
5 years ago

FI, do you think the 10-12 day hours is what did you in to now quit?