Financial Independence Is The Beginning, Not The End

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On my current journey to early financial independence, a lot of people (skeptics) will mistakenly assume that the destination is the “end of the road”. That is, once you get there you will be bored out of your mind trying to figure out what to do with all that free time. In fact, it’ll be so uninteresting that it probably won’t be long before you start itching to go back to the corporate workplace…

I would argue that if a person is able to get to early FI well before the traditional retirement age of 65, that it’s only the beginning of a new (better) future. If you get there early enough, the sun will be shining brightly and the birds will still be singing! I’m out to prove that this is true, and I’m currently planning on reaching early FI sometime next year. Many thanks to Jason over at Dividend Mantra for hosting this guest post. Jason’s blog was one of the first (and best) sites I discovered when I first started thinking about early FI in late 2011.

I’m currently 29 years old and have high hopes of achieving early financial independence at the age of 30. I started the journey to early FI in 2012, and have been trying to consistently invest 60 to 70% of my earned income each and every month. In comparison to some of my peers in high-tech, I live well below my means. I’m certainly frugal, but by no means do I feel deprived in any way. Actually, I feel like I have everything I need, so I never feel burned out from saving “too much”. I’m actually just as determined to read more

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Dividend Mantra
6 years ago

FI Fighter,

Thanks for the kind words!

I couldn’t agree more with you. In fact, in many ways I’d say that financial independence actually signals the beginning of my life. That’s when I can live life on MY TERMS. I feel so burned out on the same ol’ same ol’ every single week. I know FI isn’t all rainbows and unicorns, but the idea of doing whatever whenever is so liberating. I can’t wait!

Best wishes.