How I Plan to Retire at 30

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My current plan is to reach early financial independence at the age of 30! Up to this point, I have not yet connected all the dots on how I plan to get from Point A to Point Z. Here’s a guest post I did at Budgets Are Sexy that gives an overview of the complete picture. Much thanks to J$ over at BAS for giving me the opportunity to contribute.

Later on this year, I turn 30. That’s right, the dreaded THREE, ZERO… but it’s not what you think.

For one, I’m not freaking out and wondering where my best years went. Secondly, I have no intentions of trying to fight back time or YOLOing it up for one final hurrah. Lastly, I’ve never been more optimistic about life and absolutely can’t wait to turn 30!

The truth of the matter is, I’ve been trying to engineer my own… continue reading at Budgets Are Sexy

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J. Money
6 years ago

Thanks again for spending the time to share this with my readers – they loved it! (As did I :))

6 years ago

Interesting post.

Please have a few apartment turns under your belt before you quit your main job. That is where the expense of apartments and rental housing gets interesting.

Keep up the good work, but continue to build capital. Plan on a strategy that can handle at least two vacancies at the same time, for at least 3 months. That is where your reserve for maintenance and vacancy come into play.

Also, you never want to get into the situation where you cannot afford to maintain a property, or are too broke to evict.


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