Happy Friday! (Randomness)

So, I was working on an article for this blog, and started to feel kind of restless. The words weren’t flowing right, but my mind was still wandering around. I decided to take a break, but that didn’t help, so I opened up notepad and started jotting down random lines. Just for fun, I gave myself 15 minutes to come up with something… anything…

I’m used to adhering to a certain structure (sentence/paragraph). I thought I’d give myself a break from that, and try writing in a different format. For no rhyme or reason, here’s my poetic take on early FI (I’m no Raphael de la Ghetto):

Believe in yourself,
When others don’t,
Fall victim into the trap,
Indeed, you will see,
Spirals back down,
Into a darkened abyss,
Paralyzed by sigh,
A dream deferred,
Does no good!

Reach for the stars,
Which seem oh so far,
Chip away,
Day after day,
Fair or nay,
Again until end,
Keep stressing the strain,
In due time,
Markets do fall,
Stashed with cash,
Now make your dash,
Black Monday will mend,
Stocks, your friend.

One until done,
Marching forth,
Plant the seeds,
And secure some deeds,
Someday soon will feed,
There’s no need for speed…
For better days,
Go on…
Fight the blight,
Cast your might,
Radiant light,
It’s time to strike,
And win back,


Can you say, random? Happy Friday! 🙂

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6 years ago

Almost like a checklist of things to do! Nice creativity!

My favorite two lines:
“Plant the seeds, And secure some deeds”

Liam G
6 years ago

I like the “One til Done” line. Reminds all of the Financial Freedom Fighters it’s not a sprint, and that each day is a little brighter than the last.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

“And win back, tomorrow”

That’s the truth. We’re all striving to be able to have tomorrow for ourselves and our own hopes and dreams. I don’t have mine yet but I’m continuing the march towards that goal.

J. Money
6 years ago

“Plant the seeds, And secure some deeds”

I liked that one too 🙂 Fun one, man!

6 years ago

A refreshing post mate!

You are probably not going to believe this but I’ve actually got a Fresh Prince style rap I wrote about discovering the concepts of FI. I will have a dig around and see if I can find it and post it… let rap battle commence! 🙂


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6 years ago