Visual Progress: Passive Income Streams (Conclusion of 2012)

Here is an update on the visual progress of the passive and semi-passive income streams, as of the conclusion of 2012. For this exercise, I am including all of my income streams, even those held in retirement accounts.

Income Streams

  • The Roth IRA and 401k paid dividend distributions throughout the course of 2012.
  • For the dividend portfolio, the first dividend was not received until March. Therefore, the average is computed using only 9 months, instead of 12.
  • The rental property started generating income in August. The monthly average is calculated using the typical cash flow seen in 5 months extrapolated over the course of a full year (both installments of property taxes are accounted for).


The passive and semi-passive income streams are currently providing $777/month in income. This covers slightly more than 1/2 of my monthly expenses ($1500/month).



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Lisa @ Cents To Save

I love how organized you are! I aspire to do the same one day 🙂

It is actually more of a chore for me to get organized financially but I do the best I can.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit

That’s a nice little flow chart you got, and the best part about it is the amount of passive/semi-passive income amount. You’ve got half you monthly expenses covered and you are just barely onto your early FI path. Congrats!


$777 x 12 = $9,324

Wow! I saw about $1,500 total in dividends across all of my accounts in 2012 and since I’m not doing dividend investing, I doubt I will get much over $2,000 if at all in 2013. That chart is pretty cute!

Compounding Income

Well done FIF! Love the chart you made!

Dividend Mantra

FI Fighter,

You’re doing great my friend. Keep it up. You’re far ahead of probably 99.9% of people your age. That’s really something to be proud of. At this rate you’ll have a world of options at your fingertips in a few years. Certainly makes the daily grind a little easier to swallow.

You know you’re already at a passive income level that would make it pretty easy to semi-retire. You could probably work part-time for the rest of your life if you wanted and still save money. Great to know that the option is there for you at such a young age.

Best wishes!


FF, I like this visualization. I once created my own to post it, but never did. I changed my mind. Now I see it was probably a mistake since it looks great!

Brick By Brick Investing | Marvin

Pretty nice results FI I like the graphic. I think you will find that your rental property provides more instant results for you than the dividends. I look forward to seeing your progress.