Cryptocurrencies Go Boom (May 11, 2019)!

I have every intention of gradually transitioning this blog back to one primary focused on the path to early FI. With that said, as someone who made the bulk of their gains via speculation, well, what can I say other than I will always have a soft spot for hyper-growth (i.e. ridiculous alpha) exponential gains?

Not investment advice, ever, obviously, but the following most recent movements occurring in the crypto space are no doubt registering on a lot of peeps’ radars, like myself…

From CoinMarketCap.

I mean, even if you’re nothing more than a casual observer, it’s still interesting stuff…

Also, check out the following headline, which probably has had much more of a positive impact on crypto sentiment than anything else…

From Coin Desk.


Guys, I got nothing but love for anyone who is working hard trying to get to early FI…

So, whether ya’ll opt to strategize your portfolios around: buy and hold forever cash flow producing assets like real estate/dividend stocks, good ol’ reliable index funds, high risk early stage spec mining stocks, nascent tech like cryptos, Smartphone 2.0 hyper-growth stories like clean energy metals, or even boring azz pet rocks like gold and silver, it’s all good…

Just do whatever you can (legally) to get to early FI.

In the end, time is our most valuable currency and the only one that truly matters.

Yes, this blog can be entirely random most of the time (in fact, I had a discussion about that earlier today with a good buddy), but hey, no apologies from me… I need to get better organized (that’s a given), but life itself is very much random and full of surprises, wouldn’t you agree?

In any event, it all gravitates back to early FI, regardless…

But yeah, right now cryptos are back in the limelight again, so kudos to anyone who has been making good $$$ (buying at/near a market bottom when sentiment is total shit takes some serious stones!).

Remember this poll from last month?


Looks like the bulls won!

From CoinMarketCap.

Hot daymn!


Fight On!


Image Credit: Pexels

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